How to Find the Perfect Eternity Ring?


So, you’ve possibly been married for almost a year and heard of the ‘eternity ring’, but you’re not sure what it's all about. Well, whatever the reason you’re here, we are here to tell you about the eternity ring and how to find the perfect one!

What is an Eternity Ring?


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The eternity ring is a special ring that is part of a traditional ring set that is often given as an anniversary gift in the first year of marriage. It symbolizes a continued commitment to a partner, and the husband gives it as a gift to his wife on this special occasion. However, not all couples choose to have an eternity ring either, so it's often an optional exchange for those that love their rings! 

What are the Origins of Eternity Rings?


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Rings have always been a symbol of eternity and commitment between couples and lovers. For instance, Ancient Egypt had eternity rings showcasing their religious beliefs that when they died, they would live on in the afterlife with their loved ones for the rest of time. 

However, the more recent idea of a diamond ring specific to the eternity ring was created in the 1960s by a diamond merchant called Da Beers.  He popularized the idea of giving a diamond ring in the years after marriage so a husband can show his wife that he still loves her with a ring representing price tag and beauty.

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How to Find the Perfect Eternity Ring: Make Sure it Fits


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If you’re thinking about buying an eternity ring online you can often get a ring sizer from the company selling the dream ring. It is strongly recommended that you use these tools before you commit to a purchase, as some ring sizes will be different than others depending on what store you go to. 

Thorum has a ring sizer for $10 that you can buy and with it a 20% coupon deal to save on any purchases of rings from our extensive collection. 

How to Find the Perfect Eternity Ring: Make Sure it Sticks to a Budget


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When finding the perfect eternity ring, you should consider the budget. Sure, the modern idea of this ring came from a millionaire who wanted to sell more diamonds, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to feed into that. You can have a fantastic eternity band without breaking the bank. And if you still want budget-friendly gems that glow like diamonds, consider a Cubic Zirconia ring. 

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How to Find the Perfect Eternity Ring: Make Sure it Matches 


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If you want the perfect eternity ring, then you’ll want a ring that matches the others in your bridal ring set. One way you can achieve this is by buying the three rings from the same ring company or buying all three as a set. 

For example, in the Thorum ring collection, you could pick The Hera, The Athena, and The Victoria. All three of these rings are sparklers and would complement each other as a set of three, with the centrepiece, the large gem on the Athena.


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An alternative would be mixing and matching the colors with rose gold and Titanium. For example, you could have the golden Valkyrie on top of the silver Medusa, then a silver Victoria or The Hera. All These choices can be mixed and matched to suit your tastes!

What are The Best Eternity Rings for Men?


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Traditionally eternity rings were invented for women, but why can’t men also have them? They might not want the delicate bands often favored by their partners, so the types of rings they’ll like will require a bit more creativity. One perfect ring that promises eternity is looking at rings made of old materials, from fossils to meteorites

What are The Best Eternity Rings for Women?


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The perfect eternity rings for women are, of course, those that sparkle, so you can never go wrong with rings made of Cubic Zirconia. Sure, they might not be natural diamonds, but they are cheaper and glow just as well, and unless you look closely, most can’t even tell the difference!

Final Remarks: How to Find the Perfect Eternity Ring?


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When you pick the perfect eternity ring, you are making a promise to spend eternity with your loved one. Even long after the honeymoon and wedding, you’ll still be there for each other, working through the trials and tribulations of life hand-in-hand as a cohort. 

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