How to do a Virtual Marriage


Marriage in the internet age is an exciting event! You can attend a wedding from the comfort of your own home -even if it takes place anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection, and then you will be off swinging! 

Are you thinking of adding a little bit of virtual tech to your wedding? Then this handing guide might give you some fun away to add the metaverse to your special day.

What is a ‘Virtual Marriage?’

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What is it? Well, basically, it's a wedding with elements of it held online. This could be a full-on service conducted via ZOOM or virtual reality (VR). The scale varies drastically depending on the couple. Some prefer to use the online elements to stream their live physical wedding to those that could not attend it in real life, sometimes due to COVID lockdowns. Others will have a whole ceremony in a virtual chapel with avatars for all the actors.

The Legality of Virtual Marriage


If you want your union to be legal, you will need to follow the legislation of the state or nation that you live in. This could be a problem if you love the idea of a wedding purely performed online or in an online world such as a game or metaverse.

For example, in New Zealand, you cannot get legally married if the couple, select witnesses, and celebrant are not in the same physical space. Therefore, if you got married via ZOOM, all your guests can be in different rooms, but your party must be in the same area, or it is not classified as a legal union by law.

In Floria, this exact legality applies too. You can live stream and ceremony, but you can’t have the entire ceremony take place purely in the virtual realm of the internet. Having a good tripod and recording software set up to record or stream the physical ceremony is the only legal way to have a ‘virtual marriage.’

What are the Essentials?


For a legal wedding reception streamed online, you will need:

  1. A good camera.
  2. A microphone. 
  3. A chat room to see what the virtual attendees are saying live during the moment.
  4. A screen to monitor the stream.
  5. A scream attendant.
  6. An ability to see those watching it online.
  7. A service to stream the event. This could include: Facebook live, ZOOM or Skype rooms.
  8. A physical witness, with the couple and celebrate present in the same room.
  9. Good lighting.
  10. A rehearsal to ensure the technology is working. You don’t want a black screen or muted mic during the main event!
  11. Good wifi!

For a wedding that takes place entirely online, you just need to ensure that:

  1. All guests have access to the hosting platform.
  2. All have online access and a microphone.
  3. Everyone that is invited is down to attending an online event.
  4. Seek out an online wedding planner to make this new terrain smoother.
  5. Think about the theme. Will it be crazy, with weird avatars, or will it be traditional?

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Marriage?

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There are many benefits to hosting a virtual wedding. Too many to list them all below, but by giving you some examples you can see why couples more and more are taking to this new online wedding tred. 

You can save a lot of money and invite friends that might not have been able to attend the physical ceremony otherwise. You don’t need to worry too much about food, hiring a large venue, or decoration except for the stage where the ceremony will take place.

It is a fun way to experience the wedding ceremony again if you’re already hitched. It could be for a fun afterparty experience of a recent wedding or an attempt to reread old vows from years ago.

If you are a huge gamer it is fantastic as you can experience this game in a different way and officially tie the knot in-game with your real-life partner in crime. 

Getting ‘Married’ in the Metaverse

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You CAN get married in a virtual world. Just because the law might not recognize it does not mean that it should stop you from living your dreams. It is not hurting anyone, and you can have a dream fantasy wedding! Maybe you have a strict budget, so this would help save on all those bells and whistles. You could do both, have a minor real-life event to make it official, and then a more significant crazier event online to embrace the endless possibilities of VR (virtual reality).

You might have met on an online game, and so naturally, you might want to have a fun wedding ceremony in that game. If you played a game like Runescape, there are loads of churches across the game, which would be perfect for you to get virtually tied. It could be a fun little event for your online friends who only know you both by your avatars and would allow you to exchange virtual gifts.

If you are familiar with VR, you could organize your wedding in VR Chat which has several of its community-driven projects, including regular church services. Some priests enjoy running these free events to give those who are publicly shy a chance to experience outside activities. These groups also perform virtual weddings with avatars, altar, and guests. For a fee, companies have set up their businesses to create virtual wedding environments for couples who want to go entirely meta with their weddings. 

Virtual Gifts


You can be subtle about how much you dip into the virtual marriage concept by exchanging gifts online. What if you exchanged not rings but NFTs of rings? A couple did just that in 2021! But in all honesty, nothing beats the real deal of a physical band you can wear

A better thing to exchange virtually would be exclusive items from games. Perhaps in the physical realm, you exchange these during the actual ceremony and then wear them during the virtual ceremony later? A striking suit! A beautiful dress. Or the best bow in an online game which was possible to afford until your partner spent hours saving up for it. Now you can both do the raids together!

Virtual Afterparty Reception

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If you have decided against having a 100% virtual wedding, you can always throw the after-party online in a metaverse chatroom! Or you could all set up raids together in an online game if your party attendees are all into that sort of thing. 

Final Remarks


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We are living in the future and that is amazing! Who would have thought we would be at this stage with which technology when just thirty years ago the internet was just white text on a black DOS screen? Throw yourself into the space of the future and consider adding a little spice of virtual worlds into your wedding. 

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