How to decorate a wedding

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Decorating is one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process, as you can fully express yourself and set the appropriate atmosphere for your special day. Depending on how you approach this critical part of planning your wedding, you can express your weird and whacky or straight and traditional. So, let us show you how to decorate a wedding with this quick and handy guide.

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Consider The Wedding Theme

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The theme is the first thing you should decide on before thinking about how you will decorate your wedding. This will set how you will decorate the event, whether that be colors or specific elements that will help bring out the story you’re trying to tell your guests and what they are meant to experience while in attendance. 

For example, if your wedding is pink-themed, you can draw from the image above for ideas on how to take full advantage of the color. Glass is a great way not to feel overdone whilst enhancing the subtle pink lights and rose bottle around it. This can be topped with red or pink flowers, pink ribbons, and other pink decorations. 

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Use Decorations that Enhance the Venue

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When your theme is secured, you thus need also to know what venue you will be decorating. This will give you an idea of the space that needs to be transformed and the practicality of decoration ideas in the planning process. You need to pick decorations that not only fit your theme but also enhance the best elements of the venue without taking too much away from what it already possesses. 

For example, a beach venue does not need many decorations to look stunning, as you have the natural environment to feel like you’re stepping into heaven. However, a plainer rented-out hall will need much more to transform into something beyond the ordinary. 

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Decorate Columns

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If you have columns at your venue, these are perfect surfaces to decorate as you can wrap them with materials and transform the ordinary space into something new. Unfortunately, these interior posts in some architectural styles can look ghastly, so decorating them is an excellent way of presenting only the most beautiful parts of your venue. 

A popular option is fake vines or flowers wrapped around like a rustic Mediterranean beach house. However, suppose your venue has traditional Greek or Roman columns in a traditional style. In that case, you might want to leave them instead if you wish to have a minimal expression of the building’s character as part of your wedding aesthetic. 

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Create Cute Table Pieces for the Reception

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The reception is just as critical as your ceremony zone at a wedding venue to get right, so you should put equal effort into decorating both. You can decorate the surrounding spaces in similar manners, so they don’t clash, and when it comes to the reception table, this is no different. Whatever your theme is, you should think carefully about how you can express this on table set pieces in minimal ways.

For example, you could get fancy cutlery and china if you go for an Asian-inspired wedding. On the other side, you could go more rustic with mismatched eating utensils and handfuls of nature placed along the centre of the table with a garden-themed wedding

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Have an Amazing Altar Set-up

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When you say your vows at the end of the aisle, you’ll want a perfect set-up of design elements that will look good in photos and present the best parts of your wedding theme. If your theme is minimal, flowers wrapped around an archway with a plain natural background could be all you need to achieve these goals. 

A more complicated theme, like a Viking-themed wedding, might require more creativity. Couples that choose offbeat weddings like this over other traditional ones might enjoy a night-time ceremony with the backdrop of lights or fire, braziers and torches. You can get creative with what you decide, but as you can see, all ideas are possible.

Adorn Chairs with Decorations

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You should remember the decoration of the chairs! You most likely have practical yet ugly chairs when you have large guest numbers. You can spice these up with simple decorations like flowers, or cover them with clothes, so no one is looking at how ghastly your furniture is and instead thinking how beautiful the bride’s wedding dress is as she walks down the aisle. 

Spray the Ground with Dried Flowers

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When it comes to the walk up the aisle, dried flowers sprayed on the ground are a great way to add simple decoration. A bride walking along his carpet of natural debris is romantic and will create great photos for the future. However, be careful about making it too slippery, so dried flowers are better than fresh ones to avoid a disastrous heel slippage. 

Spread the Decorations on the Bride’s Car

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If you own an old car, you should use the old man and decorate them for the wedding. Imagine driving to your wedding in a simply flowered-up vehicle announcing to the world that you are about to get hitched! It's even more fun when you go away with your partner with the ‘just married’ sign on the back. Have just as much of a dramatic entrance as exit as you wave goodbye to guests about to head off on your honeymoon. 

Final Remarks: How to Decorate a Wedding

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Decorating your wedding is fun, and when you take steps to plan your budget, theme and venue, it will be breezy. So have fun throwing flowers, tying columns in tight bows of ivy or string, finalising those quaint table decorations, and spicing up your venue, so it is the most amazing experience for your special day. 

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