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How to Buy Rings for Women?


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So, how do you buy rings for women? Today we will help you if you want to purchase an engagement ring, wedding ring or just a gift for a special girl in your life. This is a sequel to our guide, ‘Your guide to buying men's wedding bands’, and although some of the tips in that post will be similar to here, we will try to make it unique with some new information and make this all about the girls!

Establish Their Style


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The easiest way to determine what type of ring to buy someone is to consider whether their clothing style fits into a ‘classic’ trend or ‘modern’ and then go from there. 

So let's say they like to dress like they are from 1910, so their style is very classic and conservative, and thus the ring should not be too flashy. A plain band is perfect for a classic dressing person, although diamonds are timeless, so you can never go wrong regardless of how they dress! From the Thorum collection, The Stark is a perfect choice for the classic style.

For a modern lady of the world, she might enjoy something more flashing and less traditional. We have some suggestions for those that know their lady dislikes the classic gem. She wants to be bold, then experimental materials such as Meteorite Rings. However, if she wants to explore her love for the stars from the safety of her planet, The Starry Night is another beauty!

For a bonus, if she sees herself as an old soul with a bit of Norse in her blood, then The Freya is a gorgeous rose gold ring. Then if she wants to learn to dress like one, we have a guide for  How to Dress like a Viking!

Matching A Ring to Their Personality


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Rings should always be fitted around not just looks and feeling alone but also how they enhance the wearer's personality. This would be perfect for someone who is free-spirited or creative. In addition, they would suit a minimal ring such as The Obscura. Picking a ring based on these factors is a breeze if you know her well enough!

A Ring that Compliments Their Job and Hobbies


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Most people prefer to wear their rings regardless of what they are doing, so thinking about their occupation and hobbies will be incredibly useful. For instance, if they are not very active and do a desk job, a ring can be sleeker and bejewelled with massive inlays, for example, The Aphrodite

However, if we think about a ring suited to a climber or electrician, this is when we have to think about wearability and practicality. We have a specific guide on The Best Wedding Ring for Electricians, suggesting you opt for materials that are not only strong but also non-conductive. A climber and electrician would benefit from rings made of low-conducted materials such as rubber or low-conducted metals.

A ring should be strong, but it's even cooler if it does this and made of material that a geologist would fizz over. We at Thorum pride ourselves on unique ring materials, so we have Dinosaur Bone Rings made of t-rex fossils in various styles and price ranges. These rings are great for an animal lover or history enthusiast.

Working out Ring Sizing and Fit


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If you find a ring, you first need to ensure it will be the correct sizing and that it is also comfortable to wear! We have several guides that will help point you in the right direction to relieve you of these two pressing problems.

  1. How can I find out my partner's ring size?
  2. Thorum | Ring Widths? What Ring width Should I order?
  3. What is comfort fit ring sizing, and why is it better than standard fit?

Selecting the Perfect Ring Color



The other consideration factors on this list will determine your ring's colour. However, we do have a great guide to help you with this subject which goes into great detail about the meaning of color and the type of rings best suited for each. 

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To Pick A Ring for Bling or Keep it Simple?


Via: The Valkyrie | 18k Pavé Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia Ring | Thorum

A simple ring is always best. However, you can have both! Many women love simple, sleek bands of minimal decoration, with inlaid gems to speak for the piece. The example of the ring above is a prime example of a timeless popular classic made of rose gold and cubic zirconia. But if you want to remove the gems entirely, The Freya is a gorgeous piece to consider in their place. 

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Rings on a Budget



When buying a ring, you need to be aware of your budget, but you don’t want to spend too much or too little as the product might be a waste of money. This thing is, affordable wedding rings of quality are possible and can look just as great as a million-dollar one; it comes down to researching and finding those reputable sellers. 

At Thorum, we have quality rings starting at $190 with a wide range of styles and all made of quality products.  For example, The Atlas, a silver hammered tungsten band of brilliant shine, is the most popular in that range. Our following price range is $220, with the most famous being The Aloha, made of koa wood and tungsten carbide. 

If you want diamonds, we should suggest a cheaper alternative as it shines just like the real deal and is much friendlier on your wallet. Cubic Zirconia is this masterful invention, made from the womb of a lab; it gives everyone a chance to enjoy a diamond-like ring.

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Keeping Rings safe


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When you buy a ring, you should also be thinking closely about how you will protect it. For instance, a case is not good if it does more damage to the ring than good, so Thorum includes a free box with all ring purchases!

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Iconic Thorum Rings for Women

Now that you have an excellent foundational knowledge of buying rings for a special lady, we will give you a brief taste of some rings you could consider. These are from our iconic Thorum collection, which we help will string some inspiration into finalising your dream ring. 

  1. The Aphrodite: A Rose-Gold band With Cubic Zirconia.


  1. The Valkyrie: A Rose Gold ring with Multiple Inlays of Cubic Zirconia.


  1. The Medusa: A Black Titanium band with Gleaming Cubic Zirconia Gem.


  1. The Victoria: A Silver Titanium band with Multiple Cubic Zirconia Inlays.


  1. The Athena: A Silver Titanium Band with Multiple Cubic Zirconia Inlays. 


  1. The Hera: A Black Titanium Ring with a Large Cubic Zirconia Gem.


        Final Remarks



        Buying rings is soo simple! You can use this list as a guide that follows right down to every word, or you could hand pick what best suits your style. However, the best thing to do is not overthink the buying process. If you overthink yourself, you might second guess a perfect ring, and before you know it, you’ve missed it. So don’t stress. Instead, enjoy the process as the ideal ring will present itself in time. 

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