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How durable are wood wedding rings?

 Wood Wedding Rings

Via: Wood Wedding Rings | Wood Engagement Rings | Thorum

At Thorum we forge our own wedding rings intermixed with wood and different materials. Often one might think wood is a less durable material than stone or metal, but we are here to disprove this assumption. 

Wood is a durable material for wedding rings and we will show it off by highlighting parts of our collection as well as run you through what makes certain types of wood the best choice for a durable wedding band.

How Does Thorum Prep Wood?

Prep Wood

Via: Pro Marine 5:1 Boat Epoxy Kit

Thorum specially prepares all wooden bands with marine grade boat epoxy under a vacuum ensuring the bands are entirely waterproof and will not break with the slightest scratch or bang. Epoxy is one of the greatest tools we have as it gives the wood a smooth, shiny appearance whilst avoiding the dreaded ‘dry wood’ feel or it succumbing to the effects of age over time. 

Our Wooden Ring Collection

Wooden Ring Collection

Via: Wood Wedding Rings | Wood Engagement Rings | Thorum

In our collection, we have over 55 different products which use wood in some way to enhance the beauty of each designed piece as well as make it a robust band that will last a lifetime. So what wood do we use and how do they show the durability of wooden rings?

Oak: Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel

Via: The Ethos | Whiskey Barrel Ring | Thorum

A large portion of our collection is made of recycled wood from oak whiskey barrels. The grains in this piece capture a gorgeous element of nature as well as the strength behind the former barrel which once had to hold Jack Daniels whisky. 

Some are made from old oak whisky barrels and that is some of the hardest woods around, it has a distinct yellow color and is highly resistant against wood aliments. 

Check out the collection of whiskey barrel bands here:

Black Walnut Wood: M1 Garand Rifle Stock Ring

Black Walnut Wood

Via: WW2 Ring | M1 Garand Wood Ring | Thorum

So what sort of wood is this made of? An M1 Garand is made of black walnut wood which is a hardwood that is very durable. It survived WW2 so of course in its old age of retirement, it can sustain the trials of being part of a wedding ring! Its dark rich brown tones create a polished finish to rival the crown of kings.

Check out the collection of M1 Garand wood bands here:

Light Quartersawn Walnut: Salvaged Boat Wood Ring

Salvaged Boat Wood Ring

Via: The Timber | Thorum

With a large portion of the sourced wood in our collection, we really do love to recycle old wood! Why leave it to rot when you can give it a new life? Light quartersawn walnut is a light soft wood strengthened with resin with a rich orange-brown texture. Even if she is from an old boat, she looks stella on a finger like a boat on an evening sunset at the sea. 

Check out the collection of the quartersawn walnut bands here:

California Sequoias

California Sequoias

Via: The Sequoia | Thorum

The California sequoia is an ancient American redwood with a rich fiery texture not seen in the rest of nature. They are softwoods despite being giants in life, but with the support of resin during preparation, they are solid like the hardness of woods around. 

We only have one example of this wood type in our collection which you can see for yourself above! It's almost hard to believe it is even wood.

Hawaiian Koa

Hawaiian Koa

Via: The Aloha | Tungsten Koa Wedding Band | Thorum

Koa is a heavy dense wood and this type shown above was grown and sourced from Hawai’i. Its rich creamy blend of coffee color truly makes the Aloha a stunning piece. So if you are from the Polynesian land, or you are a lover of warm drinks this could be the band for you. 



Via: The Zeus | Ironwood Ring, Hammered Ring | Thorum

True to its name, ironwood is the hardest wood around. Hence why we love it so much we include it in a lot of our ring collection! Its color blends the rainbow of yellow and red with waves that look like a setting sun.

Check out the collection of ironwood bands here:

Californian Redwood

Californian Redwood

Via: The Redwood | Silver Tungsten and California Redwood | Thorum

Californian redwood is a brilliant soft wood which rich dark undertones of crimson. If you like redwood which is darker than usual, like a rising sun, then this is the perfect option for you! And like with all our softwood we strengthen them with epoxy. 

 Check out the collection of Californian redwood bands here:

White Oak: Bourbon Barrel Ring

Bourbon Barrel Ring

Via: The Jameson | Bourbon Barrel Ring | Thorum

If you are a drinker of bourbon, then a ring made from oak wood salvaged from a bourbon barrel might be for you. Oak is a hardwood and is great as we have shown from the examples above, it is perfect for any type of wedding band! 

Rosewood Burl

Rosewood Burl

Via: The Loki | Gold Black and Rosewood Burl Ring | Thorum

I am in love with this pinky color and reminds me of sunsets or when lovers blush. It is the perfect wedding band wood! The rosewood color is in its name and is a hardwood that is seen as one of the most unique woods in the world. Often people use it to make wooden instruments that require a beautiful finish as well as a durable skeleton. 

 Check out the collection of rosewood bands here:

Olive Wood

Olive Wood

Via: The Tauren | Olivewood Ring, Wood Ring | Thorum

Olivewood is a hardwood found in a variety of different colors and textures. It has large straight grains which give it a distinctive texture as well as attributes to its natural density.  If you want a woody cloud texture for your wooden ring then this could be the prize to be won!

Petrified Wood: Prehistoric Oak

Prehistoric Oak

Via: The Prehistoric Oak | Ancient Wood Ring | Thorum

One of the unique ones on this list, this wood is petrified. It is hard like stone and has been strengthened with epoxy encasing to ensure it does not crack, whilst still maintaining a glossy polished finish. If you love history or really unique rings then these bands are great.

 Check out the collection of prehistoric oak bands here:

Buckeye burl

Buckeye burl

Via: The Starry Night | Blue Burl Wood Ring | Thorum

This is a rare hardwood type called blue buckeye burl grown in America. It is hard to work with, but Thorum has created a way to ensure the preservation of the wood in order to showcase its natural beauty through a ring band. Like with a painter and his brush, you can see the effects of a starry night painted by nature herself.  

Maple Burl

Maple Burl

Via: The Ares | Red Box Elder Wood Ring | Thorum

With a sparkle almost like a ruby itself, we have the red box Elderwood (or a hard maple burl) wood which is a hardwood. It is truly amazing to believe that it is wood! You can get yourself this wooden beauty with the Ares above.

Recycled Skateboard

Recycled Skateboard

Via: The Kickflip | Skateboard Wedding Ring | Thorum

You know what's rad man? This skateboard wedding ring is made from layers of plywood (hardwood)! We love to recycle old materials and give them a new lease of life and this is no different. Plywood is durable and we have sealed it, like with all our wood, under vacuum with resin. You get the artificial striking colors of blue, with the rich tones of natural wood.

Final Remarks


Via: Nature Makes Wood. Could a Lab Make It Better? | WIRED

So as you can see wood is very durable so if you have any concerns about whether a wood inlay or frame might result in a poor quality product, you will be mistaken. We ensure all our wood is robust and beautiful before it leaves our shelves for the fingers of our clients and so you can rest easy knowing this fact.

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