Handy Tips to Handle the Stress of Marriage

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It is very easy to get stressed when it comes to getting married, however, one of the key ways to handle the heightened emotions is not to overthink it. If this advice is not enough, then do not fear, as we have compiled handy tips to handle the stress of marriage.

Plan Ahead

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We find that if you don’t plan or don’t play efficiently, you will become stressed when you get surprises. This could be unforeseen costs such as a venue being more expensive than first thought or having to take a loan to live out your dreams. 

The best way to avoid all this is to create a clear budget sheet and research how much it will cost before throwing your dollars away. Excel is excellent for compiling lists, as you can see the total when it's all calculated together. Then, if you need to cut back, you can see where you are overspending and balance it all by deleting the lesser essential elements. 

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Have Fun Every Step of the Way

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Getting married should be fun; you don’t want to spoil it by making everything about it too serious or dry. But, at the same time, if you take everything too seriously, you’ll be disappointed if things go wrong, or you will be tense and moody.

One way you can achieve this is by opting for a themed wedding, and if you want to get all spooky like those ghosties above, you could have a Halloween-themed wedding. However, if you want something less dark, you could have a fun Viking wedding

Another way to have fun, even during the planning stages, is to do it gradually and at your own pace. One weekend you can plan what your cake will look like, but don’t pack it all into the same weekend. Instead, spread it out, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can make each of these planning sessions a mini-date with delicious wine and wear your most cozy outfit at home.

A final rule is to find time to laugh, have fun, and not think about the big day. It's very easy to become obsessed and consumed by your vision. Of course, you want it to be perfect, but making your whole mind focus only on one thing is never healthy, and you’ll neglect everything else in your life that you love. It's all about balance. 

Make Sure You are Ready for Marriage

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You might want to get married and are the most excited you’ve ever been. You might love your partner more than everything else in the world, and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. First, however, you should ask yourself carefully what the source of your stress is.

If the source of your stress is because you’re not ready to tie the knot, you perhaps should wait before you run into things. Even more so, do you want to get married? Are you just getting married because it is expected of you? If you are saying yes to any of these, you should talk seriously with your partner to communicate these needs. You both might feel the same way; thus, it would be better to hold off or just be happy as a couple without legalities. 

Watch A lot of Cute Romantic Movies to Get Excited

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Sometimes couples get stressed because they’ve not been on a date in a while with all the work-life throws at them. One of the best ways to not get too anxious and stressed about the big day is to take an evening to shut yourselves away from the world and spend quality time with each other. Watching romantic movies is an excellent way to rekindle the lovey-dovey feelings between you and get excited about your wedding. 

Go on Cute Dates and Laugh A lot

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Apart from watching movies in the quiet of your home with your partner, if you are moody, it could also be due to being stuck at home with all this planning. So get out with your partner and go on a cute date to a local retreat, restaurant, or a leisurely walk down the beach. There are many ways to reinvent the dating wheel, and you can brainstorm some places you’ve been meaning to visit but have always put off. Now is the time to celebrate your partnership, and soon you’ll be knotted!

Tell Everyone About Your Proposal

Via: Episode 19 of Campaign 3, Critical Role using Thorum Rings to Reinact how Travis Proposed to Laura.

If you are stressed because you’re holding all this emotion back from how excited you are to get married, let it out and tell the world how you feel. This could be through a Facebook post, a Youtube video or a short story you tell friends verbally, and if there was some grand proposal, this could make this tale even more entertaining. You are not just relieving your stress, but you’re making records for your future to tell your children and grandchildren about how the events all transpired. 

In episode 19 of Campaign 3 for Critical Role (an online Dungeons and Dragons show), there was a dramatic and comical reenactment of how Travis proposed using Thorum wedding rings to Laura. Finding a space to show your fun side and express the excitement of your proposal doesn’t have to be so public, but you can get some great ideas from this video if you want to go down this avenue. 

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Try Meditation to Handle the Stress

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Meditation is excellent for handling everyday stress and caring for our minds and physical health. You don’t always have to sit in a traditional Shaolin monk pose; it could be as simple as lying in your bed, shutting your eyes, and listening to music. The main thing is that you take the time to slow down, clear your mind, stretch or relax your muscles and teach yourself to remain relaxed regardless of what is occurring around you when you’re not meditating. 

Go For a Walk to Clear Stress

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In the same vein, as meditating, walking is a great way to clear your brain and reset it. Being around nature, away from the loud hustle and bustle of life, is one of the best medicines we can give our minds. More than that, the fresh air allows us to breathe fully, free of smog and pollution from city life, giving us a clearer frame of mind. With all these benefits of walking, they make it one of the best ways to minimize daily stress in the days leading up to your wedding.

Final Remarks: Handy Tips to Handle the Stress of Marriage

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It is normal to feel stress, particularly before a big event such as a wedding. However, don’t feel like your need to just put up with the feelings, ignore them or not ask for help. Those around you will be there to help you get through these changing times, and including your partner in these talks will help ease these feelings. So follow these handing tips, and hopefully, they will help you tie the knot with a smile as you enjoy the special day.

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