Christmas Themed Wedding Ideas



Christmas is the most magical and wonderful time of the year, so why not splash out and have an x-mas-themed wedding? We will give you the complete rundown on what you can do to achieve these dreams and throw yourself into the spirit of the holidays and wedding bliss.

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Plan the Wedding Around the Holiday Season


Not many people get married around Christmas, so this could be a great way to book a competitive venue booked for the rest of the year. In addition, most guests will have extended time off, so they will have few excuses not to attend your special day. This season is fantastic for many reasons; it's about love, family and being with people that matter to you, so a wedding celebrates these traditions even more. 

Red is a Stella Christmas Wedding Color!



Red is the classic option if you are stuck on a color theme. Firstly, Santa is red, so embrace his warm, jolly aesthetic as you plan your Christmas-themed wedding. You could have a red dress and a matching red suit, or seek out some red drapery or flowers to adorn your venue, and there are so many ways to bring color into an occasion. 

Fake Snow



I would encourage you to invest in some fake snow! Snow fights and floating white sparkles aren’t just fun to experience; they can also be romantic.

You can buy packets carefully created for set designs or fool the kids around the season. Or you could make your own with flour, although this will require prompt management to avoid costly clean-ups. 

You might even be one of the lucky ones that get snow through all of December and January, so you can scoop up a handful when it sets, freeze it and then do with it as you will when the special occasion arrives. Just be careful of leaving it too long before it melts, or leave it outside until when it does, you can let nature take its course. 




You could incorporate deers into parts of your wedding, whether that be a decoration or something more creative. Reindeers symbolise the period of gift-giving as they serve as the magical means by which Santa gets around the world on his sleigh. 

You could have a real reindeer if you want a dramatic wedding entrance of the bride and groom to the reception or the bride to the altar. She could come in on a cart pulled by reindeer, or she could even be riding one. Then just think how amazing the photos will be!

Christmas Tree


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Secret Santa Game


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A staple of my family Christmas’ is the ‘secret Santa game where everyone brings a gift for a person, and they get exchanged. But of course, you don’t know who gave you the present, so practising the game is a lovely tradition. You could even take it one step further and add rules with dice; then it adds to fun and competition to exchange gifts if you don’t get what you want. 

Although this is designed for Christmas, you can include it as part of the entertainment at your wedding. For example, you can encourage guests to bring gifts and place them under a Christmas tree at the start of the event, and at the end, everyone can gather around and open their gifts.

A Cozy Quaint Holiday Batch-Type Venue


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Imagine finding a wedding venue large enough for a guest list in a secluded mountain oasis surrounded by pines and a lot of snow. In my opinion, this would be the ideal Christmas wedding venue as it allows you to tuck yourself in front of a warm fire with warm shoes and a hot cup of cocoa. In addition, this would be amazing for the reception when you’ve gotten married and now can enjoy good food and chat with guests in a chill environment. 

An Outside and Inside Fire



For those with the colder Christmas’ having an inside fire and outside fire is critical for taking advantage of unique venues with both spaces for guests to socialise during the reception. In addition, it will create central points for people to centre themselves and reflect on the day's events. 

Candy Canes



As a special treat, candy canes are an iconic Christmas treat that you can throw around your venue as a decoration or in addition to nibbles to express the theme of your wedding. Of course, you can also hang these curved sugar sticks on the trees!

Christmas Lights, Tinsel, Stars, and Pinecones!



You can use any decoration you might hang on a Christmas tree or around the house this season to spice up your Christmas-themed wedding. You likely own many, if not all, of these decorations, so you can just reuse decorations from storage to save some money as well.

Angels and Jesus 



If you are Christian, Christmas is more than just a holiday for you so that you can add some religious iconography related to the birth of Jesus. This could be a Mary and Joseph scene in the barn or Jesus as an adult, and we are sure you’ll find many options around to express these biblical tales. 

For Christians and Non-Christmas alike, an angel is a crucial part of the Christmas mythology, and thus most trees are topped with a beautiful angel or star. These can be hung around your wedding like the other tree decorations to express these shining symbols of Christmas. 

Santa and Elves!


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Christmas has become a very commercialized holiday, and so the mythology of the season eventually created characters and beliefs around the exchanges of gifts by Santa and his elves from the North Pole. You can add these icons to your wedding as hanging figures, ornaments, or Santa hats (in place of party hats) for guests. 

Dining at a Christmas-Themed Wedding



To add to the fun and celebration of the wedding, you add crackers to your dining experience, complete with party hats and other goodies! Of course, you could make crackers and add nibbles and particular messages if you want to go beyond the cringy store-made jokes and plastic toys that go straight into the garbage. 

Gingerbread Wedding Cake



What a fun way to spend an afternoon together than putting old some silly Christmas movies or tunes and building a gingerbread house wedding cake? Make an event of it with your partner, but don’t rush it; instead, savour the moment of peace between you as you’re building the blocks toward a unique wedding. 

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The Best Christmas Wedding Songs?


Via: Top 10 Christmas Songs (

  1. All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
  2. Snowflakes of Love - Toni Braxton 
  3. Step Into Christmas - Elton John
  4. Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano
  5. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - Mariah Carey
  6. Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
  7. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Dean Martin
  8. White Christmas - Irving Berlin 
  9. If You Are but a Dream - Frank Sinatra
  10. Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You - Billy Squier 

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Share a Kiss Under the Mistletoe



The most romantic thing you can do each Christmas is to find that hanging mistletoe, grab your love and, with their permission, land a deep passionate kiss. So why not add this tradition to your wedding when the celebrant says, ‘you may now kiss the bride. 

Final Remarks: Christmas-Themed Wedding Ideas


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