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Care and Maintenance

We offer a one year no questions asked warranty on any and all rings that we make. 

Here's our suggestions on care and maintenance. 

Organic Rings/Rock Inlaid

Wood Ring Care and Maintenance. Cleaning an antler ring. Thorum

For all wood, antler, meteorite, dinosaur bone, damascus steel, or stone rings, we suggest gently cleaning and waxing your ring twice a month. 

Gently use a small dab of your favorite wax (Pastewax, or Renaissance wax both work great), and apply it with a clean microfiber cloth. 

Clean meteorite rings. Clean wood rings with wax. Thorum

We suggest avoiding prolonged exposure to water, or any solvents (hand sanitizer is particularly popular right now).

Inorganic Bands:

For full metal rings, such as tungsten carbide rings, we suggest gently washing your ring with dish soap and warm water. 

Our Tungsten Carbide is PVD IP plated, and the exterior finish will never fade. Simply washing it, will bring your ring back to look exactly like the day you bought it. 

Clean Tungsten Carbide Rings | Thorum

Pay no attention to the man in the faucet.

Titanium bands can scuff into a matte gray over time worn. Wiping them down with scotch brite and WD-40 will entirely restore their finish. 

I've got a dirty/dangerous job:

Wear your silicone band. We include one with every ring for a reason. 

They are safe, water proof, and hardy enough to withstand punishment.

I personally wear mine in my workshop everyday. 

Thorum Silicone Ring | Care and maintenance of men's rings

As always, if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.



Caleb Martin


  • Hello,
    I just bought a meteorite ring for my husband. Does the ring easily get scratched? Thank you

    Tamara Rossi
  • Would swimming, hot tubs, dishes, showers and general use be okay?

    Megan Falsetti
  • Bought my ring 5 years ago from Thorum, and it still looks AWESOME. I’m buying another for more formal occasions. Thanks guys!

    David Wittington
  • Does a ring box come with the ring

    Larissa Hadeen
  • I didn’t know about the full care some of these rings needed when I purchased one.
    I’d suggest providing these instructions before purchasing a ring, and also have these instructions with the deliver of these rings.
    I’d also suggest selling renaissance wax or something similar on your site as well to make it easier for your customers, if possible.
    Just ideas/suggestions.
    Besides that, thanks for the great info and help!


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