Can you cut a Titanium ring off?


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So you have just gotten married, or its been a long while, or you are thinking about tying the knot with a titanium band. However, you are concerned about the conundrum ‘what if it gets stuck on my finger?’ Not to fear! The answer is not too complicated as yes it can be cut off, but it might require you to do more than getting a pair of scissors.



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At Thorum our titanium is made of the best (grade 5 6AL -4V) sourced mainly in the USA from Mcmaster Carr. This metal is special because not only is it strong, it is corrosion-resistant, meaning it will look as great in the years to come as the day you bought it. As a result our wedding bands will be strong and designed to last. Despite its robust qualities if you ever find yourself with a band stuck on your hand it can be taken care of no matter what. 

Seek out a Jeweler


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The gear you will require to get the ring off can only be provided by those that have a careful hand and special equipment. Although us at Thorum would not be able to help with this endevor, any jeweler in your area will often have these prerequisites. 

Get into their store and pay for this service, but it is better then loosing half a finger! Clearly there is nothing to worry about if it does get stuck as they will be able to remove it without damaging your finger.

They will likely use a diamond saw to cut the band, working carefully to miniize contact with the finger and running water to make quick work of the job. 

Afterhours Emergency


Although in the perfect world a band would be removed by a jeweler, what if you find yourself stuck in the hours when there is only the emergency department that is open? Or maybe you are on holiday somewhere where all you have is bolt cutters? This problem isn’t as uncommon as you might think and quite often doctors talk about having to remove rings from their patients.

Doctors often resort to using bolt cutters which is often less cruisy then using a diamond saw. Once the cut is made, often the next stage isn’t to pull the ring off as the metal is not very bendable. Pliers are then used to pull the metal back to allow space for the finger to be removed.

The Best Types of Tools?


It should be stressed that you should not attempt to cut off your own ring if you have tried other methods before this point. The best two options above are the only people qualified to handle this safely and efficiently. However, if they need some tips about the best cutters to remove the ring this is what they can refer to for titanium.

A cutter should be small, with an ability to change out blade sizes to suit the perfect situation. It should be noted that harder metals like titanium require diamond blades, whilst softer ones can do without.  This should be cordless and will be extra beneficial if the ring has to be removed out of office.

Other tools to help with the ring removal include pliers to help pull the ring when the cut has been made. Protection should always be put between the ring and the finger to ensure the safety of the wearer. And both parties should wear glasses during the cutting process.

Final Remarks


Via: Thorum

You have nothing to worry about if you ever find yourself stuck with a titanium ring on your finger! It is an easy fix and might require getting out of your comfort zone to seek out help, but just remember this is a very common occurrence and so should never be ignored. If you are considering buying a titanium ring you can now rest easy.

We at Thorum have a wide range of powerfully strong titanium rings which look great on anyone! You can wear a band with style without fear. You can see just one of the many rings in our collection above, called The Gibeon (made of titanium and 4 billion-year-old meteorite)!

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