Become an Expert on Rings by Watching These 5 Videos


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The great thing about the video format is that you can listen to their advice whilst getting some visual aids, but there is also the option to listen to it whilst you go about other things. Both of these points are win-win. So today, we’ve compiled five videos you can watch to pave the way to becoming an expert on rings. 

All About Ring Sizes and Their Creation


Via: All about Rings and Sizes! 

Jewelry Manufacturing for Designers is an incredible resource for ring makers, designers, and anyone that wants to become an expert on rings! This video, in particular, goes through the most popular ring sizes based on her experience as a ring seller and maker. In addition, it is helpful for those thinking about starting their own ring business.  

The bonus of this video is that she goes through how rings are also made before CAD (a ring-making software that allows you to design a ring before you commit to making it). With this, she also has tips on dealing with suppliers and getting a ring from concept to the final physical band. 

Check out the whole video here: All about Rings and Sizes!

Rings and Their Meanings


Via: Rings & Their Meaning, Symbolism For Men - What Finger(s) To Wear A Ring On 

I’ve been watching the Gentleman's Gazette for quite some time, and all their videos are highly informative regarding all aspects of men’s fashion. For example, their video on men’s rings and their meanings is one that everyone should check out if they want an in-depth understanding of the significance of bands. 

Part of this video explores the meaning of fingers, what a ring means, and the history behind this symbolic gesture in fashion. It shows that if you think carefully about what you wear, you should consider the fact that it looks good, but what it also represents.

Check out the whole video here: Rings & Their Meaning, Symbolism For Men - What Finger(s) To Wear A Ring On 

Mistakes When Buying Rings


Via: Mistakes when buying Wedding Rings!

This brilliantly insightful video by Burrells Jewellery & Watches looks at what not to do when buying wedding rings, as guides often tell you what to do. This twist in formal advice throws together a short yet comprehensive guide on buying rings.

Some of these tips include:

  • Not mixing metals
  • Being too ambitious
  • Buying a ring at short notice
  • Making do 
  • Picking the wrong size

Check the whole video out here: Mistakes when buying Wedding Rings!

Lab Grown Versus Natural Gems: Which is Better?


Via: Should you buy a Lab Grown Diamond? | 2ct Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Comparison | Ultimate Guide 

To become an expert on rings, you’ll need to be familiar with lab-grown gems versus natural ones. It's even better if you can identify them just by looking at them; this video will be an essential asset to your holster. By Bonnie Jewelry is an expert on the subject and her tips and visual comparisons are great for learning.

She talks about the most common questions consumers have about lab versus natural diamonds and answers each step by step. This includes how a lab grows diamonds versus them forming over millions of years. She furthermore discusses the benefits and limitations of either gem. 

Check out the video here: Should you buy a Lab Grown Diamond? | 2ct Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Comparison | Ultimate Guide 

Traditional Wedding Ring Styles


Via: Traditional Court Wedding Ring Information (heavyweight), Wedding Ring Styles 

Lloyds Family Jewellery has a great video series which outlines the range of traditional wedding rings, and this video just gives a taster of the sizing and style range on offer. These videos are helpful as they go into the weight (width), the material of each ring, and other terminology you should become familiar with if you want to become an expert on describing and discussing rings with the best.

You can start your research into this series with this: Traditional Court Wedding Ring Information (heavyweight), Wedding Ring Styles Series 8 of 9

A History of Wedding Rings (Bonus)


Via: A History of Wedding Rings and Their Meaning - YouTube

In this video, Father Chris shows excellent insight into the history of wedding rings and their meaning from the perspective of an Orthodox Christian. As a result, we can learn a little bit more about the importance of rings for religious peoples and how integral they are to getting married. 

You can see more of this video here:  A History of Wedding Rings and Their Meaning 

Final Thoughts


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You won’t become an expert overnight, but we hope these six videos are a great starting point to becoming a real brainwiz on the ins and outs of rings. Be sure to share any videos you found below and check out our other blog posts like this that will help expand your knowledge on bands!

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