An Analysis of Rings in God of War


Via: God of War Ragnarok.

With the highly anticipated release of God of War Ragnarok, we thought it would be fitting to analyse rings encountered in the God of War games. And before you ask, we will keep this post free of spoilers for the latest game and only discuss the physical attributes of the rings that appear in this instalment.  

The King’s Ring


Via: The King's Ring.

In God of War Ghosts of Sparta, Kratos obtains the King’s Ring from King Midas, the leader of Pessinus, before his death. It is wearable after the main game and can collect ten times the amount of red orbs. It is a golden band with an emblem of King Midas’ face staring right back. 

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Hephaestus’ Ring


Via: Hephaestus' Ring.

One of ten goldy possessions you can obtain in God of War Ghosts of Sparta, Hephaestus’ ring allows the wearer to win quick time events automatically. However, you can only use it once you complete the game. It is a silver band with the symbol of the letter ‘H’.

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Atreus’ Finger Ring Tattoos


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Atreus doesn’t wear physical rings in the traditional sense, but like many people today, it is common for many to get ring tattoos for special occasions. So, tattoo rings are just as important as physical rings.

During ancient times this was also a ritual or way for the bearers of these symbols to get better luck and favor with the gods. For example, the runes on Atreus’ arms are to make him a better archer. This would make sense that he focuses these runes being so close to his hands and fingers as he has to handle the bow, not just with strength, my precision to ensure the shot will have the distance and correct target.

The bands around his fingers extrapolate the meaning of the runes to make him the best archer with the favor of his ancestors and the gods on his side. Although simple, they are striking and tell us a lot about the boy as a person.

Freya’s Finger Tattoos


Via: Freya’s tattoos.

Freya has finger tattoos similar to Atreus, although she does not wild a bow, being a great spellcaster and blade wielder. Instead, she embraces the Norse way of life like Atreus, dedicating herself to the traditions of the ancestors, the gods, and, most importantly, her family. 

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Mimir’s Beard Rings


Via: god-of-war-Ragnarok-Kratos-Atreus-cosplay-guide.pdf.

Mimir is the all-knowing sentient head that hangs off the back of Kratos’ belt, looking back at the player throughout games 4 and 5. Mimir had a shaggy grey beard in his first appearance, with minimal attention to his braids, but several things stand out in this latest instalment.

In his moustache, we have golden hair braids to give him a cleaner look and considering he has no body, it would mean it's easier for a head to do any activities from eating to writing. Secondly, his beard’s ends are braided and tied with three golden rings. These likely were worn by Mimir when he had a body, but since he is lacking, he adds them to the only ‘fingers’ he possesses. 

These rings are simple golden bands made in a comfort fit (based on the detail we can gather from the game). Thorum believes this is the best ring fitting for your fingers as standard sizing is worse for finger health; Mimir likely knows this. 

Thor’s Rings



Not many main characters in God of War Ragnarok wear rings around their fingers, but Thor is an exception as we see he has several and even one held in a necklace. We can see on his left hand that the band is plain gold, whilst on his right, we can see a signet ring with wavy designs. The necklace ring is a protective buckle commonplace in Norse tradition, worn to appease the gods. 

Odin’s Rings in God of War


Via: YouTube.

Odin is well-known in Norse lore to be a fan of magical artefacts, so of course, he would be a huge fan of magical rings. He is known to have acquired a ring called Draupnir, made by Brokkr and Eitri, that was said to be able to multiply itself. This ring appears in the plot of Ragnarok, so we will keep everything spoiler free until a later blog!

On the other hand, Odin wears several signet rings when we first meet him in the game, and these are similar to what Thor wears, suggesting they are family bands of certain ancestral significance. 

Draupnir: The Duplicating Ring and the Hidden Ring Vault


Via: YouTube.

Under Sindri’s house in God of War, Ragnorok is a secret vault full of thousands of rings, and amongst them is a powerful artifact once possessed by Odin. The Draupnir ring can multiply itself and is used by the Kratos to forge a weapon that would give him an upper hand in future battles.


Via: YouTube.

The ring is identical to the other bands it sat around with, simple standard fitting rings made of gold with minor bronze (or copper) inlay. It is very plain and perfect for not drawing eyes; thus, an opponent wouldn’t think twice about it unless they knew the artifact firsthand. 

Final Remarks: An Analysis of Rings in God of War


Via: God of War Review.

The world of God of War is rich in inspirations from Norse and Greek mythologies, but with a fresh perspective with amazing characters and perhaps the most realistic and ambitious game series seen in the last ten years. They teach us a lot about how people used to think in the past, but also about an important lesson in love for friends and family. 

Even if Kratos came from a place of rage and war, he found a place in this terrible world to find love and raise a son that holds the ideals of virtue and doing good no matter what. If you want to celebrate these games' legacy and get a piece of nordic inspiration, check out The Kratos ring by Thorum. 

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