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Amazing gift ideas for Christmas


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It's almost that magical time of the year again when in some parts of the world it’s cold and snowy, whilst in other places, it is a hot beach party. Whatever the weather, Christmas is an important time for many people when we receive and exchange gifts, spending time with people that matter the most to us in this world.  A lot of us struggle to find the inspiration to find that perfect gift, so today, we are helping you find some amazing gift ideas for Christmas. 

Amazing Christmas Gift 1: DIY Double Mason Jar and Candy Holder


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Sometimes the best types of gifts are handmade ones, so this double mason jar is a perfect and easy way to give someone a thoughtful gift. You can add whatever candies they like or something healthy if they prefer. You don’t need to add a gift card, but it is one of the little extras you can give them so they can buy something alongside this crafted gift.

Amazing Christmas Gift 2: Creepy Handmade Alice in Wonderland Cat Teapot



So the person you want to purchase for is a massive Alice in Wonderland fan? We have you covered as this is an original spin on the colors of Disney movies, and it is perfect! I can see any book lover or cat fanatic enjoying this fantastic piece. Furthermore, if they collect teapots or drink a lot of tea, this would be a valuable one to add to their collection.  

Amazing Christmas Gift 3: A Warm Christmas Gift Basket


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During the colder months in America, a warm gift basket is a great Christmas gift. You could sew or knit a sweater and blanket with woolly socks, premium coffee or hot chocolate packs, some comfort food, and a bed warmer.  Even better, if this is for your partner, you can both wrap up warm and watch a movie in these delightful treasures. 

Amazing Christmas Gift 4: A Cute Gift for the Baseball Fanatic Boyfriend


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If your boyfriend is a baseball player or an avid watcher of games, then this would be a cute gift for your relationship. They will undoubtedly appreciate the sentimental message and the fact that your love is written on a baseball! To save some money or personalise the message, you can get an old ball and handwrite the text yourself with a vivid. 

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Amazing Christmas Gift 5: The Cutest Gift for Your Novelist Girlfriend


Via: I Love You More the End I Win Funny Anniversary Keyring - Etsy New Zealand

This gift is brilliant as it is a love poem and hints at a playful competition between lovers to outplay and outwit each other regarding showing who loves the other more. If you see your relationship in this way, this could be a simple keyring to give them to express your passion. This is great for men and women, but it could be even better if you have a novelist or bookworm girlfriend. 

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Amazing Christmas Gift 6: An Incredible Light for Scifi Fans


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The more I look into the light, the more I fall deeply in love with this lamp. Perhaps one of the best light fixtures I’ve ever seen, I had to add this to this Christmas gift ideas list. All scifi, steampunk, or fantasy nerds need this! So if you are searching for a gift for one that fits this bill, then get it before it blasts out of this world. 

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Amazing Christmas Gift 7: The Perfect Wedding Rings on a Budget


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One of the cutest times to get engaged is around Christmas, so why not skip the small gift for a partner and get engaged with a great ring?  We have a wide range of rings at Thorum to help sift through this task to select the perfect ring for engagement and wedding. Our rings are modern, sleek, and designed to last.

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Final Remarks: Amazing Gift Ideas for Christmas


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We hope this guide was informative and will help you pick your Christmas gifts. Even if it can be overwhelming at times, you can find some fascinating ideas to give your friends and family by doing a little research about what is out there. And for those getting engaged, good luck with the ring selection and the final pop of the question. You’ll do great!

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