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A Magical Guide of a Pagan Druid Wedding


Via: A Magic Celtic Druid Blessing Ceremony on Lake Maggiore (

So you’d like to have your own pagan, druid or Celtic wedding? Today we will help fulfil your dreams by presenting this magical guide to pull off such an event!  So throw on your robes, get your staff all shined up, find the most beautiful oak glade and get married like a magical druid today!

We have done previous guides on  How to Wed Like a Viking and The Ultimate Traditional Church Wedding Guide, so even if this is not your style, we can help you in all areas concerning wedding planning, ring purchasing, and even the honeymoon!

Setting: Somewhere Sacred, at One with the Gods


Via: Druid Wedding at Stonehenge (

The setting is essential to any magical wedding and so knowing what type of venue is helpful.  Druids and pagans feel one with nature, so ensure you embrace this in your marriage if you decide on an indoor venue; otherwise, we strongly recommend having the ceremony outside.

So what are some possible options? Oak woods, bogs, and bodies of water were scared to druids as they held a direct connection to their ancestors and the nature gods. These options are more straightforward than booking a wedding ceremony at a heritage site sacred to druids of the past (such as Stonehenge) but don’t feel like you can’t get married at a local druid fort or circle if you live close to one!

Clothing: A Splash of the Old Ways


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We don’t know everything about what druids wear on special wedding days, so you can have a lot of freedom regarding how historically accurate you go, more modern, or fantasy. However, I think all three elements can make for a striking wedding dress and suit.

Our guide on How to Dress like a Viking will be helpful here as although it is more catered to the Norse, it will still give you some idea of how people dressed during the height of druid and pagan culture. 

For those wearing a dress, you can opt to wear a standard white ‘wedding dress’ and accessorise it with fantastical elements of a cloak and magical jewellery.  But for something pushing the boundaries, you could wear linen or woollen robes tied at the waist with a simple leather belt. In addition, you can repurpose old oversized dresses to make your own or purchase a modern redesign of mediveal robes.

For those wearing trousers or a suit, you can wear a modern suit and dress it up with a cloak and magical staff. But if you want to embrace the theme of a pagan druid wedding truly, you could consider donning linen trousers and leather boots, with a woollen tunic thrown on top. These can be decorated with brooches, flowers, druid-themed jewellery, and a cloak for comfort.



Via: A Magic Celtic Druid Blessing Ceremony on Lake Maggiore (

Handfasting is an age-old tradition that originated in the Celtic religion of the druids, in which the hands of two people are tied together to symbolize the coming together of two lives. It represents the couple committing to each other before their union becomes legally official. Moreover, because of the casual tradition, you can interweave it into the main ceremony or have it as a small ceremony beforehand. 

A Magical Marriage Ceremony


Via: Druid Wedding at Stonehenge (

One of the best ways you can embrace the magical druid wedding is by having a druid marriage celebrant. You can get them to dress up, or you might have a local spiritual church that would happily arrange the perfect person to look the part and play the role as well!

You could sit down with your marriage celebrant and develop a magical script that helps express your love for each other and embrace your spiritual nature as new-age druids, celebrating Celtic roots, or simply pull off an extraordinary wedding!

Jumping the Broom


Via: BROOMMAGIC | Handmade brooms/besoms for function, ritual & weddings

After the formal ceremony and exchange of rings, you may want to practice the tradition of ‘jumping the broom’. It originates in pagan religions as yet another exciting ritual performed as a way to bind the couple together. The broom handle symbolizes the male pallus, the bristles, female energy, and the string, the binder between both man and woman. 

If you are a same-sex couple, you could turn this on its head and bind bristles-to-bristles or handle-to-handle for yet another way to turn tradition on its head as Queer folk! 

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The Drinking of Mead


Via: All About Celtic Weddings- History, Handfasting And More! ⋆ Unconventional Wedding

Mead is one of the oldest drinks and is a sacred beverage treasured by druids, Celtics and pagans. It is fermented from honey, so it has a sweet flavour that you cannot help enjoying and connections to the gods. Thus because, of these reasons,  a good glass of mead at your wedding is a must!

Ceremony of the Four Elements


Via: All About Celtic Weddings- History, Handfasting And More! ⋆ Unconventional Wedding

There are many origins for the ‘tasting of the four elements ceremony, therefore many ways to perform it. One wedding I found represented the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth through symbolic objects significant to the couple and nature.  

In this ceremony, you thank the nature spirits for luck and ask for their blessings.  Firstly, air represents the east, the rising sun, yellow and birth. Secondly, fire embodies the south, red, and life force manifestations. Next, water embraces the west, dark blue, emotions, and the setting sun. Finally, the earth represents the north, white, winter, and the wisdom of elders.

You can find a little prayer online for this ritual and learn the rites' ins and outs, but rest assured, it is a special ceremony you can add to druid-up your wedding.

The Optional Blowing of the Horn


Via: Striking Pagan Wedding inspiration channelling nature and goddess symbolism - UK Wedding Blog - Plans and Presents (

An iconic symbol in any Celtic army was the dreaded sound of a war horn, and even in peaceful wedding events, they could be an important symbol to add to any union. After the main event, you could blast off a series of celebratory horn calls before you lead the charge to the afterparty wedding venue. 


Candles and Magical Stones!


Via: When Pagans Wed: Modern Paganism & the Wedding Ritual | AMM Blog (

You can get creative with decorating at a druid pagan wedding; you don’t even have to spend much and do a lot before your venue looks the part. 

Candles are perfect for the evening afterparty, complimented with smooth rocks with painted designs, runes, and raw gems. These arrangements would be excellent for table centrepieces, and if you dim the room, it creates the perfect mystical atmosphere, almost like you are taking part in a sacred druid ritual. 

Magic circles and Flowers!


Via: When Pagans Wed: Modern Paganism & the Wedding Ritual | AMM Blog (

Flowers are always a must (when are they not for a wedding!) and can be woven around outside furniture to make you feel like you are in a world entirely crafted by the gods and spirits of nature. Potted plants or oak-related furnishings can complement this.

And if you embrace the pagan, you need a few circles here and there. Whether you go to a stone circle or make your own, circles represent the unity of the spirit, amongst other things, and so can be used to describe the unity of love being a married couple. 

Music and Entertainment


Via: Top 10 ICONIC instruments used in TRADITIONAL Irish music (

If you want to bring proper life to your wedding, you’ll need appropriate Celtic, druid or pagan music! You can create a playlist for the essential background set pieces, but for entertainment, you could consider hiring a band with the sound that best suits your theme. A folk band with harps or violins could be a good start. 

Here are just some examples of great Celtic music:

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Wedding Cake


Via: Sarah & Chris' pagan handfasting food-sharing wedding | Offbeat Bride - OFFBEAT WED

The most extraordinary cakes are the ones which stand out, taste great, and fully embody the whole spirit of the couple and their wedding. 

A druid cake can be decorated with pagan symbols relevant to nature, from oak leaves to circles, runes, and flowers. Such as the example of the tree cake above, it's all about embracing nature and love!

You could also try and tell a story in the decorations if you desire. The story of how you fell in love? How you won each other over with your magical abilities or love for nature? Or an account of the life you hope to live together as a united tribe.

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Via: Pinterest

You most likely want to eat rustic food full of natural ingredients with minimal additives. This could include foraged mushrooms, freshly picked herbs, potatoes, and meats. 

The more rustic you go, the more homemade you could style each dish, and perhaps getting rid of a caterer would save you some money and add joy to the food if you make it all. It could be a ‘pot-luck’ style banquet in which all guests bring something to contribute, and you can have a little piece of variety. 

But maybe you want to be more natural-focused and do away with any harmful ingredients affecting the state of our planet, so your menu could be vegan. Just because you forgo certain dishes or stick to a strict diet does not mean your food will be lacking, as there are many excellent dishes out there that are also vegan!

Adding a Splash of Wicca to a Wedding


Via: Wicca: insincere aesthetic vs. religious craft - Rife Magazine

Part of those drawn to a pagan druid wedding would also be Wicca, those that modern-day practice witchcraft, but not in the way media portrays it negatively. Wicca is all about celebrating a much older belief system than Christianity that was in place in Europe before the Roman conquests. 

In its primary sense, Wiccans believe in magic, spirits, energies, nature gods, and ritual significance in seasonal and life cycles. 

So, you can see that our magical marriage guide fits nicely into the Wiccan belief system and not just for those who enjoy the aesthetic of a druid pagan wedding. 

The Perfect Druid Ring!


Via: The Magni | Fire Opal and Ironwood Wedding Band | Thorum

So, how can you find the perfect magical ring? We are here to help! 

Rings have been around for thousands of years, so what kind of rings did druids wear? Firstly, the ancient celts and other pagan religions often wore golden, copper, and silver rings. In addition, we can also guarantee they wore wooden bands as they adored their trees, with oak being a sacred type they grew on their lands.

Knowing this, we can help suggest some pristinely beautiful rings from our collection to get you started picking the perfect one.

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Final Remarks


Via: At One: Pagan Handfasting - Supplier Showcase: Cat Treadwell | Brides Up North

We all wish our special day to be magical, and you can certainly make it feel that way if you embrace some of the traditions of a pagan druid wedding. So we hope this guide has been helpful and will help add some sweetness to your tankard of mead. 

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