A Handy Guide to Finding Wedding Recipes


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When thinking about how you’ll feed your guests, you’ll soon realise this will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding. So we’ve put together a hand guide for finding wedding recipes for your wedding and some tips on getting started with the planning process. And if worse comes to worst, if none of these tips helps, you can always hire a caterer to take the haste out of one part of your special day. 

We have A Guide on Wedding Food to get you started sorting the general planning stages of your wedding menu, but this will be catered to finding recipes if you want to make some of the food yourself or have complete control over a caterer’s food. 

Figure Out the Wedding Theme


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If you want a themed wedding before you consider anything else, first decide what that theme will be and the budget of how much you’ll be willing to spend to achieve these ends. A theme could be as simple as choosing a color to match your food and a wedding cake. More complex themes include going full costume or having a multiday ceremony paying homage to past cultural traditions, from Roman weddings to Victorian splendour. 

To help you with selecting this theme have listed several popular food themes made on their different cultural origins. Although this may help you lock down a pallet for your wedding reception menu and nibbles, it could also help celebrate your cultural heritage in subtle ways if you want a minimal wedding. 

Going Full Italian on Wedding Recipes


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When you think of Italian food, you think of pizza and pasta with lots of tomatoes and cheese. 

If you want to go beyond this and be more unexpected with an Italian wedding menu, consider adding the minestra maritata, the Italian wedding soup. This is a classic dish made from vegetables and meat, with many variations found online to suit your soupy needs. 

For nibbles, you could start your guests with Italian Mini Meatballs garnished with plenty of cheese and with the option to dip them in tomato sauce. This could be paired alongside Caprese crostini Tomato Bruschetta folded with cheese for a light canape to keep everyone full, but not too much; they won't eat their mains!

Of course, the basics always stick if you want enough variety on the menu for mains, have a set number of pizza options for all dietaries, and a selection of pasta options for those that need more of their spaghetti sauce. 

Delightful Chinese Wedding Recipes


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Chinese wedding banquets often have eight or nine meals to symbolize the good luck these numbers give to the guests. It is the most important time for the bride and groom and their family to celebrate this new union and to wish good prosperity to their happiness and future as a married unit. So those with Chinese heritage may choose to select food from their homeland over western pallets.

A popular wedding dish in China is lobster and chicken with vegetables. In Chinese mythology, the union between a phoenix and a dragon is representative of a union between a husband and wife, and the lobster and chicken take their place at the table. 

Another common dish is roasted duck served at a wedding to symbolize the couple’s commitment. Ducks only mate with one other in their life, so by consuming the bird, they take in some of this good luck. 

Amongst many other meaty and seafood dishes is the classic combination of noodles and rice as the basic stable of most Chinese dishes. So these should be one of the most common sights at your wedding banquet table!

Japanese Wedding Recipes


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Despite being a small country, Japan's rich culture has made it one of the most popular places around the world for food inspiration. When they are not dominating the technology sphere or the animation departments, they are leading restaurants worldwide, erecting Japanese cuisine on every street corner.

Their food is loved by most, but it holds a cultural significance beyond good-tasting food for those from Japan. When it comes to Japanese weddings, their food is a celebration of this heritage as much as a union of people. 

In Japan, the best way to start your wedding food is with small colorful sushi displays for guests to enjoy before everyone gets seated for the main meal. These could be as simple as wrapping rice in seaweed into chunks of raw salmon. And the more complicated nibbles could include salmon sealed in rice and then wrapped in seaweed. 

But Japanese food isn’t always away sushi and seaweed. Eggs are another popular delicacy which is shared by other Asian countries. Moreover, because Japan is surrounded by water, you can embrace many fish-based dishes to get started.

For the main, you could give guests the option of miso soup and green tea as an extra to go alongside their main meal. These signature dishes could include steamed buns, fish soups, fish on rice, roasted salmon with lemon, and bento bowls. 

Middle Eastern Wedding Recipes


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The Middle East is a vast region full of many countries and cultures, but the majority of people identify as Muslim. To make this easier, we will focus on the wedding recipes practised by Muslims to give you an idea of what types of food you could bring to a Middle Eastern Wedding menu.

An essential dish at a Muslim wedding is biryani, a dish made of mixed rice full of rich Indian spices originating from its Indian origins. It usually has some type of meat, although one can easily go without it, and for added flavors, potatoes and eggs are sometimes added. A variant of this dish is akhni from Bangladesh, where they often add nuts. 

The key ingredient for some Muslim dishes is the addition of spices to turn a basic roast into a Middle Eastern classic. However, for dishes that don’t have much spice, you could consider Chicharronse, but remove the hot spices and fry the pork with more subtle herbs. 

For other ideas on getting this menu sorted, some iconic Middle Eastern foods include hummus, falafel, flat bread (naan), curries, manakeesh, grilled halloumi, fattoush, dolma, and kofta.

Classic American Wedding Dishes


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For a good old classic American wedding, you can never go wrong with hot dogs, fries and a lot of sauce. However, for something more classy, we can help you build the perfect American wedding menu. 

Americans don’t just love fast and fried food; if you think about the classic USA holidays like Thanksgiving, you’ll quickly realize they love fresh, hearty food as any other culture around the world. Take, for instance, the roasted turkey, which could be incorporated into your wedding mains if you opt for a buffet-type reception.

The USA is so vast that wedding traditions and food vary from state to state. In New York, you are in a city that is so diverse that you will see a fusion of different cultures and their food traditions intermixing with American culture. One of these is, of course, the New York Pizza. In the remote farms of Texas, you’ll expect more rustic food that is more traditional to the way of life. This likely will be in the form of raw materials like cheese, unprocessed additives, and meat from the local farmer. 

Iconic British Wedding Recipes


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In Great Briton, there are many wedding traditions you can get behind, from the classic meat pie with beans and carrots to the Scottish haggis. With a long history and a diverse culture of four different nationalities (Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland), you will find an abundance of dishes to pick from. 

In Scotland, we have already pointed out the haggis, a meaty oaty dish stuffed into a stomach. They are simple and delicious! Another staple is the black pudding, a type of sausage which goes excellent with a fully cooked English breakfast. The final main is an oatcake, as the British love their oats!

A Welsh wedding menu might have Welsh cakes made of butter, flour, eggs, sugar and currants on a stove, which are variants of the Scottish oatcake. With the theme of fruit, we also have the bara birth, a loaf of bread with dates and perfect nibbles to share with tea and biscuits.

Moreover, for mains, you could have a cawl (a Welsh stew), Conwy mussels from the north, and a cheesy dish centred around welsh cheese bands. 

An Irish wedding would have a lot of potatoes, although don’t expect it to be the only thing on the menu. They love their mashed potatoes and sausages, but they also love meat on veggies like cauliflower. However, if you want to embrace the potato, then a creamy strew with slice potatoes, carrots, and beans is a classic.

The classic English wedding food is best seen in Royal weddings over the last twenty years, from Kate Middleton to Princess Beatrice. They love their gravy, Yorkshire puddings, roasted veggies and roasted chicken as a baseline. However, you could consider a beef wellington, slow-cooked lamb shanks, and a full English breakfast to go beyond these basics. 

Recipes Found on Mexican Wedding Menus


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Mexican food is a great way to try something new for a wedding menu, except if you have ancestral links to Mexico, it is a way to celebrate and enjoy food from your motherland. The Mexican pallet is defined simply by chilis, corn, wraps made of either flour or corn, meat and beans. 

You can serve various dishes, including tacos, wraps, burritos, and nachos. These options are great as they allow guests to create their own if you opt for a buffet set-up. All you need to do for prep is to have bowls for the ingredients, and the guests pick what they want.

If you wish for cleaner eating, then having a set menu is helpful with the caterer to make the variations of mains from what guests order. Ensure your tables have enough sour cream, hot sauce, chilli flakes, and all the final touches to make everyone feel like they are stepping into an authentic Mexican dining experience. 

Great Online Resources for Finding Recipes


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While researching different recipes for weddings, I found some useful websites with great resources for recipes if you want more control over what ingredients go into your guest’s mouths. 

  1. Jamie Oliver.
  2. Food in a Minute.
  3. Allrecipes.com.
  4. Bon Appétit.
  5. BBC Good Food.
  6. BettyCrocker.com.
  7. Marthastewart.com.
  8. GordonRamsay.com.

Scour Online Forums, Facebook and Twitter


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Suppose these recipe websites still leave you lost for specific recipes for inspiration. In that case, you can hunt down a local cooking club, social club or Facebook group related to hunting down the best wedding recipes. If you don’t use Facebook, there are online forums and other social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. 

Practice at Home 


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When you have your recipes, try them from home before you commit to the final menu. If you want to cook but need more confidence in the kitchen, some night classes could give you the skills and confidence to start.

If you don’t want to do the cooking yourself, organise with a caterer to make dishes for your taste-testing needs, and they can provide their expert advice if you’re still struggling to narrow anything down. 

Final Remarks: A Handy Guide to Finding Wedding Recipes


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This handy guide to finding wedding recipes will be the boost you need to hunt down that excellent menu to make your wedding the best experience for you and your guests. You now know how to find various recipes based on a food theme and how to source your recipes to make them by hand or with aid from a caterer. Good luck with putting together the final menu, and may it be delicious. 

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