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A Guide on Wedding Food



You’ve discussed food much on this blog, but never specifically a post dedicated to a guide on wedding food. So we are about to break this fact as we bring you an in-depth how-to on planning, budgeting, and enjoying your wedding food. So let's get stuck into this discussion, and tell us what foods you love the most in our comments section.

Establish the Pallet



The first point of the order is to decide what you want to eat. If you love spicy foods, list all the yummy curries you adore. Remember that you should always have various options so that guests don’t feel like they have to eat something that is not to their pallet or dietary requirements. Once you have this list, you can narrow down was is doable and work towards finalising a food budget. 

Consider a Budget


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To save on your wedding budget, being sensible with the food is a great way to make ends meet whilst ensuring you can still have all the bells and whistles of a great event. One way to scale back is to cut out the caterer and venue costs by making your food and holding the banquet at a friend’s house. There are many ways to save money with food, such as picking cheaper ingredients and drinks and not always going for premium products. 

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Work in Food with a Theme



If your wedding has a theme, one of the best ways to express it, not just in decoration or costume, is through food! This could be a cake made to look like a Dalek or food often eaten by Vikings. The choice is up to you and your imagination. 

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Make Sure You Provide for All Types of Guests


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You want to have a wedding menu that suits your needs, but it is also essential to ensure everyone who comes to your wedding can enjoy it! This will require data gathering to determine everyone’s dietary needs and create a menu based on these factors. However, ensure you provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options to be safe!

Do You Want Classy or Simplicity?


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If you want a classy menu and banquet for your wedding, you can quickly obtain this aesthetic with premium products or cheap ones that look like the real deal. This is particularly easy with displaying empty expensive wine bottles alongside more inexpensive reds in undisclosed containers. I also find that this adds to this class if you have olives, a wide range of cheeses and bread, fruits, and cold meats.  For the main banquet, if you divinely presented plates, your guests will feel like they are living royalty for a day. 

All About Nibbles!



The staples for nibbles, in my opinion, are cheese, followed by crunchy crackers and dried fruits.  I'm a happy man if I can have them all in one bite! You can opt-out of serving nibbles at a wedding to cut costs, but I would discourage this as sometimes a wedding can take all day, and you don’t want everyone to get hangry.  The easiest way to provide nibbles is to leave it for a caterer to keep your guests' bellies full with cheesy delights, chips, and fancy bites. 

What Types of Drinks do You Serve?


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Like with food, you should have a wide range of choices for guests to pick from for drinks. Some people will only drink water for one, so alongside an array of beers, ciders and wines, have a water cooler for easy refills. Then for the kids and those that didn’t drink alcohol, have juices and maybe even a punchbowl (but be sure to label it as non-alcoholic). 

What to Serve as a Main?


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The main meal for a wedding food banquet should not be rigid and just one option; you need variety, or the other points on this list will not be met.  

One way to ensure this variety is to have salads, roasted veggies, meats, and the like in separate bowls on the banquet table and have guests select what they want to eat.  

Another is to have a menu that people pick from, and the catering service does the rest.

What you serve as a menu could include:

  • Curry
  • Steak and veggies
  • Pizza
  • Mince-related pasta dishes
  • Soups
  • Salads

What about Dessert?



Dessert is an optional choice to add to your wedding banquet, but if you take it, your guests will thank you gladly! Everyone loves food, but most can never say no to a bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake, even on a full stomach. Of course, you can go all-out with little cupcakes, creams, and other sweet delights, but the easiest wedding dessert is a share of the wedding cake with creams or slice fruits on the side. 

To Hire or to Not Hire a Caterer


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A wedding caterer takes all the stress out of planning all the details of food and will be open to working with you on any needs associated with your wedding. They will plan, cook, prepare, and serve the food, leaving you the space to focus on your special day and enjoy the moment without worrying if guests are enjoying the food.

Fun Food Trucks



Food trucks are a quaint alternative to the traditional food caterer, as you will have a wide variety of foods on offer for guests to choose from. There will also be the aroma and sounds of lively carnival depending on the types of food trucks you decide to hire, and it can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Get Adventurous With Your Food



The food at your wedding does not need to be boring and the same old grog! If you have always wondered what it would be like to attend a French dining experience, it might be the perfect chance to try it. You could serve fried frog legs and buttered-up snails as part of the appetiser. Then you can get stuck in with some fromage-filled mains, finishing with a classic galette cake for dessert.  To top this all off, you can’t do French without a glass of champagne!

Eat Out at a Restaurant


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If thinking about the wedding food and planning it is getting to your head, then the best way to relieve this stress is to pick a classy restaurant and book a table for your guests. This will ensure you know what type of food you’re getting, creating a casual atmosphere to relax after your marriage ceremony. 

Eat Outside!


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An outside wedding banquet will be an excellent option if you find venues stuffy. It suits the more rustic weddings, but with the proper patience and planning, all types of events can take advantage of the natural beauty of the outdoors. Imagine a clear evening as the sun goes down as you sit at a long table of friends and good food. It makes you want to try it, right?

A Point on Cakes


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In traditional weddings, cakes are the most critical food choices that couples make as this towering dessert can often be the centrepiece of their event, apart from the bride and groom! So selecting the right cake is of utmost importance to you, but we have a guide which you can learn all about wedding cakes below. 

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Final Remarks: A Guide on Wedding Food



Food is the easiest way to someone’s heart, if you know what generally gets them going each day. So, we should plan our wedding food seriously and consider every option down to the number of grapes on each plate (ok, maybe not). Still, we hope this guide on wedding food has been helpful in this regard as you step forth into the realm of wedding planning.

Please let us know how your wedding went, and suggest tips for other readers in the comments of this blog.

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