6 Affordable Wedding Bands for Men


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We provide excellent, durable, unique, and affordable wedding bands for all walks of life. Today we will present six affordable wedding rings for men that could help inspire you to take the next step in your relationship!

The Tauren: Olivewood Ring by Thorum

The Tauren

Named after the nomadic minotaur peoples of World of Warcraft,  the Tauren is a striking piece of hard rich olivewood paired with a polished black Tungsten Carbide case. It is simple yet stunning, and for only $190, you’ll be pressed to find a better deal for such a ring!

Reviews of the Tauren prove this ring's quality with everything it claims to be and then some. Those who commit to bringing the Tauren into their lives have not been disappointed. 

Like all Thorum rings, the Tauren is styled in comfort fit, and the benefits of this have been discussed here: What is comfort fit ring sizing, and why is it better than standard fi – Thorum

The Obscura: Hammered Black Tungsten Ring by Thorum

The Obscura

The Obscura is named after many things. Suppose you prefer Latin; it means it's our little secret. And for those photographers, it is the darkened enclosure in which images are projected through a lens or aperture. We love that the name can mean so many different things! 

Made of hammered black tungsten, the Obscura is a sleek, modern and minimal ring perfect for all types of men! It will look great with a suit, or for someone that likes to dress casually. What is best of all is it is affordable at just $190!

The reviews of the Obscura show the quality and class of this ring, and those that have paired up with it have not regretted it. It's glossy, shines and stuns! 

The Atlas: Hammered Tungsten Ring, Silver Ring by Thorum

The Atlas

We have talked a little about the Atlas on our wedding-themed blog in regards to the fact this striking silver ring is named after the Titan god of the same name, the one who had to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. 

This silver ring is made of hammered tungsten and shines as a simple yet popular part of the Thorum ring collection. So, for just $190, this modern silver ring could be yours.

Our reviewers say it is ‘simple, yet rugged and unique, with the battered look of the hammering design being a real talking point. Most love the moment they can show off their wedding ring and take pleasure in the reception and ease of customer service.

The Saga: Hammered Black Wedding Ring by Thorum

The Saga

 In the vain of tales old, we have the Saga ring from Thorum. Made from hammered black tungsten carbide, with a soft, smooth interior for comfort. You can’t deny that this simple rustic ring doesn’t scream Viking saga! So, we love Vikings, and any reason to be inspired by the past is a chance we will take every single time!

Those that have committed to the Saga have left reviews and have given it five stars all around the board on our website! So that's a sure sign to start your own epic saga love story!

The Erebus: Carbon Fiber Ring by Thorum

The Erebus

Named after the Greek god of darkness, The Erebus embodies the dark in both name and body. This grey band is made of shaped carbon fibre, a light yet durable material used in the aeronautical industry (said to be five times as strong as steel)!

For just $190, you can have this simple, minimal ring made of modern material, which is excellent for any man who needs a wedding band to compliment any lifestyle. 

The reviews for the Erebus on our website rate it highly, saying that it looks great and feels fantastic. Whilst others on Etsy say the men in their life love this ring as a gift or as a wedding ring! So what are you waiting for? Maybe this darkness will be the light of your life?

The Aloha: Tungsten Koa Wedding Band by Thorum

The Aloha

The Aloha is a slightly more expensive ring than the others on this list, but at only a slight difference of $220 (versus $190), it is not a significant change. This is still a very affordable wedding band, named as a homage to the region the tree from which the wood is sourced, Hawai’i. The ring is made from tungsten metal with a rich coffee-coloured koa Hawaiian wood strip. 

This ring is similar to The Obscura but with a strip of nature to break up the dark hues of the smoothed black band. It is an alternative if people want the plain black wedding band, with a flair of color without too much. 

The Aloha reviews prove that adding a simple band of wood to metal can create something unique and striking. Some praise the ‘two-tone’ design of brown and black, whilst others stress their comfort fitting as a plus for everyday wear. 

Final Remarks

Wedding Rings

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We hope that this presentation on six affordable wedding bands for men is helpful to show that you CAN shop for a the perfect ring on a tight budget, you just need to know where to look and go from there. 

Thorum also has other rings catering to affordability and you can check out our whole collection here: Wedding Rings | Engagement Rings | Thorum. You can also consider looking at our guides on rings and wedding budgets here: Custom ring designs blog – Thorum.

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