5 Ways to Surprise Your Groom on The Big Day

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You don’t want a wedding like every other. You want something that will make it your own and be something that you and your groom will remember in the days and years to come. Why not make it a fun day of surprise? Here we have five ways in which you can have these desires and surprise your groom on that big day.

Keep the Dress A Surprise


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    Your partner probably desperately wants to know what you’ll be wearing not just to give him pointers on how he can dress to compliment your outfit. However, let him wait and hold off on telling him any details and so when the day arrives and he sees you for the first time it will be magical and a big surprise!

    You could go a little crazy with the reveal and begin by walking down the aisle in a dinosaur inflatable suit and when you arrive take in your partner’s shocked expression. Before you unzip to reveal the true flower hidden under all of that prehistoric scale. If he is allowed to be one of the first to see it at the altar he will be beyond thankful, and he will probably laugh and cry.


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    You will want to look your best for the big day and so of course you will need to get your hair styled, trimmed, and your make-up is done! If you usually go without these things then this will be an extra shock for your partner who might not have seen you dressed up so smartly before this moment.

    Get the makeover done on the day or the night before so that it is kept a secret from the groom. Then that will add to the extra shock factor as he sees this beautiful person before him ready to accept a married life together. 

    Wear Something… Unexpected


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      Everyone expects the bride to wear a dress, but what if she wore the suit and showed up as a surprise to the groom. What a way to turn expectations on their head with a surprise bride outfit that does all, and more! 

      Or if she did want to wear a dress, she could accessorize it with adornments that are not typical of a wedding dress. Colorful shoes such as chuck tailors or doc martins can add a subtle surprise for the groom without taking too much away from the formality of the rest of the outfit.

      If he likes traditional Viking weddings then the bride might wear a sword tied to her belt which she offers to the groom as a tribute in the exchange of rings as a surprise that he will love. To add to this, she could wear a piece of his family as part of her outfit, such as an old family heirloom. 

      Surprise him with a Gift


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        Almost certainly the best way to surprise your groom is an unexpected gift. Your wedding is a token of love to each other and so this surprise is just an extra part of a large wrapped present showing this love.

        You could get tickets to something he loves which you can both attend together. Whether that be a game, a concert, or a trip, you can never go wrong with this gift! You can give it to him during the ceremony if you wish during the exchanging of vows, teasing him to open the envelope later.

        If you want the gift to be part of the larger wedding you could have told him that you couldn’t afford to get that expensive cake or that live band. And then behind his back, you went and got them! So it will be a real shocker when he turns up at the reception to the sound of a familiar band playing or the sight of a massive decorated cake!

        A gift can be organizing a surprise visit from a friend or family member important to the groom who lives very far away. Maybe they said they couldn’t attend, but secretly were working with you to make their attendance a real surprise in itself. 

        You can also spend a moment with just each other. Straight after the ceremony before the party, you might pull him away to go on an unexpected drive or walk to a nearby lake to have a strolll or sit. This would allow you to reflect on this life-changing event before you return to the party and celebrate.

        Break Traditions


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          We have already addressed how wearing a suit is a great way to surprise the groom and break traditions. However, what is some other ways to leave him breathless on your big day? Thinking about what makes a wedding tradition is the best way to break down ways to surprise by turning the ceremony on its head. 

          Who says you can’t see the groom before the ceremony? Sure, some say it's bad luck just like if it rains. But if you want to turn heads and surprise you sometimes need to go a little crazy and do the unexpected. Go and sneak a peep of your groom during the morning when he is getting ready, make sure he sees you so he can be surprised at your arrival otherwise you risk the ‘bad luck’ for nothing. 

          If you feel equally as daring you could turn up at the altar before the groom and be the one to wait for him to walk down it. It could be a fun way to mix things up and see the look on his face when he sees you’ve arrived almost half an hour earlier!

          Give Him An Amazing Wedding Band!

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            A great way to surprise your groom is to be the one to take the lead and buy the rings. That way you have some say in what your man will be wearing for the rest of his life! 

            Maybe you could leave your bands to him, with a basic list of needs, and with his list try and find the perfect ring. You can present this at the altar and is a great way to surprise him with how well you know him and how stunning the piece can be. 

            A way you can wow him is by considering pieces that are unique and not typical of a traditional wedding band made of gold or silver. At Thorum we have unique rings which will fit this bill made of materials you wouldn’t usually think of when you think of a wedding band.

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            Faux Opal and Redwood Rings 

            The Magni

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            If you are still undecided about what band to get we have a guide to buying men's wedding bands. And if you are not sure about ‘What color wedding ring should I get?’ then we can help you with that as well! Buying wedding bands is easy when you know the basics of what and where to look.

            Final Remarks

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            There are soo many ways you can surprise your groom on the big day. Thorum hopes that whatever surprises you give your partner and future husband that the day is magic and that your lives together never lose their spark! 

            Whilst you plan a big surprise for your groom, you might be struggling to get him involved in the planning process we have 5 Ways to Get Your Man Involved in The Wedding Planning.

            If you want a gift as well as a surprise then we have 5 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner in Crime.

            If budgets are your concern we can help with 5 Tips to Create your Beautiful Wedding on a Budget.

            And of course! We at Thorum sell some of the most unique wedding bands so be sure to check out our collection here.

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