5 Ways to Get Your Man Involved in The Wedding Planning

You’re planning your wedding, but you’re struggling to get your man involved. Or you want to throw him in and get his hands dirty, but you’re both not sure how you can help with that conundrum. Thorum can help you with this! 

A key to getting their involvement is by thinking about what he likes. Perhaps he has a job that could add some unique twist to the decorations? Or does he have a hands-on job to help craft beautiful pieces on a tight budget? We have listed a couple of examples below about the type of man you are about to marry and how this can trigger inspiration.

The Artist


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So your man is a modern Picasso! Whether he crafts, paintings, draws or writes. He will be happiest if he is left to create something for the reception or afterparty. Maybe he could be in charge of the overall look? 

Such as if you both decided on an Italian wedding theme, he can be left to handle some of the decorations.  He can create the table centerpieces as his eye for detail and thinking outside of the box would be a big aid here.

For the reception, he could think about how the surrounding decor can be used to enhance the theme of the wedding, but also to not take away from the centerpiece which is of course the pair of you! 

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The Builder


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If he is a handyman, or in the trades, then having him work with a hands-on project is a great idea to get him personally involved in the planning process. If you have a rustic wedding or are on a budget this would be of particular help!

He can build tables or repurpose pieces from charity shops. Using his knowledge of his trade or hobby he can create unique pieces which will help make your wedding that little bit more special.

His skills can be applied not just to furniture, but also to table centerpieces and larger decoration projects. If you want something hung high or have a vision of something grand he will be able to find a way to make it a reality!

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The Foodie


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So you are marrying a chief or food alcoholic? This is great as he can use these skills to help make the food at your wedding a great experience for all. Nibbles are just as important as the mains so he will ensure they all stand out.

He can create an extensive list and will know the perfect dishes to compliment any theme that you both want to follow for your wedding. For a pirate wedding, sailors love rum and so this flavor will appear subtly in the dessert.

You can cut the costs of hiring a catering service if he wants to get involved in not just the planning, but making stages of the process. Food could be premade, to an extent, so that you are not bogged down by cooking on the day and with the direction of your foodie-fiancé you will have little stress to be concerned about what to eat.

The Adventurer

Elopement Planner

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You are about to marry an adventurer who you at times can’t even keep track of. Maybe the pair of you adore the outdoors and so perhaps together you can find a way to get him excited about wanting to plan this wedding. 

The obvious place to start is to ask where you will hold your wedding. You might want to get married in a traditional location, with adventure saved for your honeymoon. Or you could have the reception on the road, and at the peak of the mountain before breathtaking sights.

For decoration-wise, he might want to hang pictures of nature or of photos from your shared adventures throughout the wedding space. This could be accompanied by triquets collected around the world, and hiking gear wrapped in flowers if you wanted to get more niche. 

Leave him to get wild! Embrace his love for exploration and you will be surprised by what he can bring to the wedding plan stages.

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The Businessman


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Your husband-to-be owns a business -or he just really loves keeping track of budgets and stats. It would set him at ease and make him feel his part of something if he is allowed to take on the role of tracking the wedding budget. You can do this together of course, but he can be the one that types numbers and does the calculations.

Having him holding the reigns of the budget will allow you both to explore all the possibilities that you can afford. To push for the maximum amounts that you are willing to spend so you get the most out of your wedding. 

He will be able to find the best deals from his knowledge of the industry and might be a good haggler based on his experience in the business. He will treat it like it is his duty to you and your shared wedding plan to ensure the success of that special day.

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Final Remarks

It is simple to get your man involved in the wedding planning process if you consider what type of man he is. If you use these examples to start to think about the wonderful man you’re about to marry you will find it a lot easier to get him excited about plans and setting up for an amazing day of love!

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