5 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner in Crime

Your anniversary is coming up, but the problem is you have NO idea what to get your partner in crime. You are a dynamic duo. A pair of crime fighters or crime creators. Like Spock and Kirk. Bonnie and Clyde. The Doctor and his TARDIS. What did these iconic pairings get their loved ones when they arrived at each anniversary? Not to fear! We are here to help relieve this stress with five suggestions for gifts that will stand out.

Tickets for an Overseas Adventure


Via: junkee.com

The best gift that anyone could give someone is an unforgettable experience. So why not take your partner in crime on a world tour or a trip to a romantic getaway to celebrate your anniversary? It might not be as simple as buying a box of chocolates or roses, but sometimes things don’t need to be something you give. But something to be experienced.


The French know how to pull off a romantic destination, and Paris is famous for this! Not only is French the language of love, but the historical sights and smells of the place will send your hearts fluttering. They have the Eiffel Tower, thousands of Musees (museums), baguettes, sweet pastries, and nighttime cruises along La seine. This city has every romantic location on offer, and you will never be bored!


The city in Italy where Romeo and Juliet fell tragically in love! This place is steeped in passion and the magic of Italian culture. You can traverse the streets of ancient Roman history, dance through markets listening to Italian folk music, and enjoy pasta or pizza in a restaurant looking over great views of a beautiful cityscape. You might even be able to catch a show of Romeo and Juliet, how romantic would that be?


If a holiday in the tropics is what you desire then a beach getaway is what you might need. Traverse through the islands of volcanos and learn about the culture of the Polynesian peoples. Perhaps attend an evening beach fire dance as you eat fresh seafood? You could even join them and take lesions in Hula. Or if swimming is more your thing than going snorkeling and being on the lookout for sharks or colorful fish.  

A Picnic to a Local Park

The Boston Globe

Via: The Boston Globe

If you don’t have the desire or budget to travel out of town, then a picnic is a great option to spend time with your partner as a gift to them. Gather a selection of food that you know they love and create a three-course meal, with nibbles and a nice drink. 

It might be a challenge to hide it from them so you could prepare this at a friend's house and have them in on setting up the surprise picnic date. Have the friend take your partner out for a harmless drive around whilst you set up the spot in a park or location of choice in nature. Then when ready have your friend bring your partner to the spot to surprise them.

The picnic location should be somewhere important to both of you. But also somewhere that you don’t go very often so that it feels special and will be an experience to be remembered. A forest, beach, or park as just some options to consider. 

A Love Poem

The Guardian

Via:The Guardian 

If you want to make something as a gift you could compose your partner a love poem. You don’t need to be a wordsmith, and it doesn’t need to rhyme. It could be the ugliest example of words on paper, but as long as it is made by you, your partner will appreciate the effort and love it regardless.

You could give this to your partner when on a date out for dinner, or at one of the date gift suggestions from this list. Wherever you give this poem, write it on handmade paper with nice pens and slip it into a letter sealed with wax. You could even slip a little gift into the letter before you seal it. Such as chocolate, tickets to a special event or place, or your favorite photo of the two of you. The world is your oyster.  

If the letter is not your style and you love music you could string a guitar tune and sing it to them. Or you could hire a professional singer to sing it in a romantic setting away from the ears of others. Have a think about who your partner is and decide what they would enjoy the most before committing to any of these ideas.

A Rented out Movie Theatre 

The Still Room Cinema

Via: The Still Room Cinema

You are deciding to stay home for your anniversary, but you still have some money aside for a gift. You both love movies so of course, you are thinking about taking them to see the latest movie that is coming out soon. But the thing is, movies can be hard to watch in public when there are others in the theatre and when it's packed it is not very romantic!

Why not rent out your own movie theatre for an evening and play a series of their favorite movies or forms of media? Something romantic of course is better, but suggest the idea to them and see what they think. But if you want to keep it a secret lay some subtle questions during the planning stage to find out what their favorite movies are. 

You could even pull a stunt like this: Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!! - YouTube 

Ring Bands: Perfect for Any Partnership!

The Freya Wedding Ring Set

Via: The Freya Wedding Ring Set 

A gift for your partner in crime should be special and so what is the point of buying something if it doesn’t show this fact. The previous suggestions in this list are gifts that encourage you both to do things together and have amazing experiences. But if you want to buy something physical then what better way to be unique is to go the extra mile and get a ring? 

You can get a matching set to propose for a future marriage, or if you are married to renew your continued commitment to each other.  A ring could be combined with any other gift suggestion on this list. Taking a trip to Paris? Get a Freya set and propose on top of the Eiffel Tower. It's cliche, but romance is innately corny! So embrace the corn. 

  • The Freya Set
  • Do you know what's perfect for any anniversary? The Freya Wedding Ring Set! Maybe you have not gotten married yet and you are looking for a ring set that symbolizes your love? Maybe you want to make the natural next step? Allow the Goddess of love to help you take this next path in your journey.

  • The Warrior Set
  • You are both warriors. Partners that have helped fight the demons of this world together. You certainly need to have The Warrior Set to help cement this fact. Embrace the fact you are strong hardly fighters who through your union help keep the world safe from the evils which plague it.

  • The Loki
  • Cause a bit of mischief with The Loki! Embrace your love and create chaos and pranks together with this ring inspired by the Norse god himself. Make life a little less boring and embrace your child persona.

    Check out the complete ring ‘set’ range at Thorum here: Thorum

    Final Remarks

    Here are 5 anniversary gift ideas for your partner in crime. You don’t need to give a physical gift to create something magical to celebrate the love you both share. The best gift is one that creates an imprint and what better way than through the experience of living and spending special moments with each other? Good luck with finding that perfect moment. 

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