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16 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for Wedding ideas


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Instagram is a great place to find fantastic wedding ideas when you’re stumped at narrowing down a theme or finding small additions to create the perfect feel for your special day. Today we are listing 16 must-follow Instagram accounts for wedding ideas.

BRIDES (@brides)


Brides is a big name not just in the wedding blog sphere but on Instagram, with over 1.3m followers and almost 9,000 posts. They offer a range of benefits, from wedding tips, wedding vents, big-day inspiration, and photos from unique weddings sent in by their subscribers. 

Once Wed (@oncewed)


With 250k followers, Once Wed is yet another excellent resource for wedding inspiration, catering to those who want a designer wedding on a budget. They are also wedding dress designers that believe in quality for the masses, with their dresses affordable, but their promise of forever not given up for cheap materials or corners cut.

 Willowby by Watters (@willowbywatters) 


Willowbywatters is a stunning wedding dress brand with fantastic wedding photos covering the whole event. Their dresses are not just beautiful; the weddings they are a part of are also rich with decoration ideas and ways to add the final details to a special event. 

Pronovias (@pronovias) 


With 2m followers, Pronovias is one of the top players in wedding dress design, offering a wide variety of dresses for different women. Their photos perfectly capture the excitement of the big day and the emotions a bride feels when she finds the perfect dress or puts it on for the first time.

Jen Lagedrost Cavender (@nectar_and_bloom) 


Nectar_and_boom is one of those blogs you need to check out if you want a rustic flower-filled wedding as it has a wide range of pictures that will help strike inspiration. Each photo is beautiful and could rightly be hung on a wall with a frame, but they also show the perfect way flowers bring life to an even simple wedding. Their knowledge of flowers is something to take advantage of!

International Wedding Planner (@matthew_oliver_weddings)


The International Wedding Planner, Matt, has created a brilliant niche for a market that loves overseas getaways. His photos and tales of adventure into the world of planning weddings for couples worldwide would be reason enough to give his insta a follow. Unfortunately, he only has 15k followers, and that blows my mind! If you are planning to head overseas for a wedding, or even honeymoon, this would be the perfect one to get behind.

Wedding Ideas (@weddingideas)


Like it says on the tin, Wedding Ideas helps strike inspiration into the planning stages of your wedding with straightforward images of all aspects to do with getting married! From what dress to wear, through to the venue, or destination, this account will help drive you to make some plans that you might’ve never thought possible.

By Dami (@bydamistudiosnyc)


Do you like notebooks? Do you love stationary? Then perhaps you’d like to get some custom-designed wedding stationery for your special event. Maybe a cute welcome poster for guests, personalised table notes, or wedding invitations that make a statement. All these things are possible with By Dami. 

Riley & Grey (@rileyandgrey) 


These non-traditional wedding designers want to make planning a wedding a breeze by offering luxurious wedding designer websites. Their website also offers advice with their blog, as well as excitinghotos showcasing ways in which you can spice up your wedding. For example, you can set up a website to invite guests to the main event, encourage photo interactions, unveil the theme or venue, set up guest donations, and so much more!

Insta Wedding (@instaweddinguk) 


Instaweddinguk offers wedding photography and film for ‘creative couples’ with an excellent insta catalogue of less traditional weddings on their Instagram. You can find unique inspiration from their photos if you want a less traditional wedding or if you also think of yourself as one of the creative types. Maybe you’re an artist or a writer, and then you might strike gold by giving them a follow!

THE WEDDING BLISS (@theweddingbliss)


The wedding bliss has posted daily wedding inspiration since its rise to prominence in 2014. With over 1.7m followers, they have a wide range of followers and photo donators; you will get exciting wedding photos from all over the world. This vast material quality will ensure you won't run out of inspiration!

100 Layer Cake (@100_layercake)


With over thirteen years in the business of wedding planning and offering inspiration to couples, 100 layer cake is one of the big dogs. With 444k followers, they offer regular photos of beautiful, colorful, extraordinary weddings. They even offer a service to help give you some tips and tricks to planning your own or just a friendly push forward to get started. 

Rock My Wedding (@rockmywedding)


Advertised as the Uk’s most popular wedding planner, they have a podcast, book, website and insta with all the bells and whistles to plan your day. You can plan a wedding in style based on prompts from their photo collection or give them a chance with a consultation. I am a massive fan of how their Instagram profile is structured, with headings for their stories to give you quick places to find advice.  

Wedding Chicks® (@weddingchicks)


The name of this account is one of my favorites on this list; it is casual and hip for a young audience without being too complex. With almost a million followers, the quality of this account speaks for itself and has a wide range of Florida-themed wedding ideas. However, even if you don’t fancy Florida or live nearby, it still has a great collection of photos to get your warm summer wedding underway. 

Free-spirited Brides (@freespiritedbrides)


If you love the wild, this wedding blog is perfect. You can have a wedding in the depths of nature or a traditional setting with elements of the natural worlInstagrampirited Brides is the perfect place to start the search for inspiration and planning such weddings!

Thorum (@thorumco) 


Thorum is a wedding ring website with its own unique and custom bands that you can’t find anywhere else! Their Instagram is the perfect place to find reviews for their products, happy customers wearing their wedding rings and getting betrothed, and essential pieces on rings. If you are struggling to find that perfect ring or wedding inspiration, then their blog and ista feed would be a perfect addition to your subscription box. 

Check out their website: Thorum | Men's Wedding Bands, Wood Rings, Antler Rings

Final Remarks: Wedding Inspiration From Instagram


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Instagram is an underrated medium for finding the perfect wedding ideas, and we should use them more often. If you’re genuinely stumped, then looking through the feeds of these 16 must-follow Instagram accounts will guarantee you find something to start the process.  So take a chance on our suggestions and soon you might find yourself swamped with so many great ideas!

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