10 Wedding Hacks to Save Money


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You want to save some money! We have ten hacks on saving money and making your wedding as fantastic as possible on a budget. As you will see, it is super simple to create an event to suit your budget, which will still feel magical. We have many more guides on our blog at Thorum if you need further guidance on wedding planning or purchasing the perfect ring. 

Start a Checklist

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You should always create a checklist before any big project starts to ensure you will have everything you desire for the big day. It is essential to be realistic about what you can afford and to cut things where you can save to make sure crucial things can become a reality.  

A budget should be the first thing on this list, with a date, venue, guest list, legal requirements, and day-wishlist. Pretty much begin big and then cut back as you start to get an idea of what you can afford. 

Support Your Local Suppliers!


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Finding a local supplier will cost less in the long run, so if you want a wedding planner to choose someone, local will help you save significant dollars. Although, if you want to save money doing the planning all yourself can help you loads. It is always worth it to invest back into your local community as often people forget that little people exist in a big corporation-ruled world. 

Find a local catering service that can make your food! A local bakery or cafe might be up for the task even if they don’t usually do big events like this. It could be a great way to inject some income into a struggling small business in a post-pandemic world.

Or, if decorations are your thing, then having a local decorator and supplier can help you save loads of money on postage. They could help you decorate your reception and might give you a local deal. 

Use Natural Beauty as a Backdrop

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When you are taking your wedding photos, why not take advantage of the natural beauty in your local area rather than paying big dollars? 

Some people spend loads of money on staging a perfect photo, but you can do this free of charge by finding the perfect sunset or sunrise at a beach or mountaintop. This backdrop can also be where you have your wedding reception and would create a romantic setting with minimal need for decorations. 

DIY Decor 


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If you NEED to make something, then avoid purchasing any professional decorator. Instead, you can create beautiful wedding decorations from second-hand materials or old pieces lying around the house.

If you have simple colors or themes in mind, it is effortless to spice up a dull table with some flowers or jewels. You don’t need to be an artist or expert builder as wedding decorations do not require much skill except an eye to see beauty in ordinary things coming together to create something extraordinary. You can also never go wrong with candles or pot plants.

Send Digital Invites


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Postage is getting more expensive, so why waste a huge chunk of your budget on sending physical invites? People often get these professionally printed, designed, and shipped with waxed seals and other fancy gifts. On the other hand, others will do this all themselves, but if you have 200 guests, that will cost a lot and eat up a lot of time. 

Yes, I love getting mail personally delivered, but skip this and just send a friendly email for your own budget's sake.  You can make a lovely designed attachment to make it more personal to each recipient and give a taster to the wedding theme!

Redo a Supermarket Cake

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If you want a fabulous wedding cake, why pay hundreds of dollars for something you could buy from a supermarket for five dollars? If you got a premade cake or several, you could buy some extra ingredients to make a stunning wedding cake for a quarter of the price from a professional. With that said, you can choose all the ins and outs, from flavor to the final touches, with decorations.

Keep It Simple 


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A wedding is best kept simple if you want to save money, and that is perhaps the most innovative wedding hack around. It means you get to worry less about the things that don’t matter and focus on what does! 

You can have a small and intimate gathering of your closest friends and family in a quaint romantic setting. Want a backyard wedding in a family home? This setting would be a great way to save money and create a cute venue on a budget.

The best way to keep it simple is to have a single theme that requires minimal decoration to look still great. Such as an eco-styled theme with flowers as the decor or color such as white to symbolize purity. 

Pot Plant Decorations


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‘Going green’ is a great way to save money and create a fresh style for your wedding. Pot plants arent nearly as expensive as typical decorations and are often easier to set up as long as they also suit the rustic or outdoorsy theme you are aiming at. They can also be decorated simply with beads or put hand-in-hand with candles or other natural materials such as wood. And just imagine the fresh smell of all those flowers!

Hire Dresses and Suits


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How likely are you to wear that dress or suit again after your big day? Most people might swear they will wear them, but in all reality, they will likely just hold up space in your wardrobes (even more so if you bought a matching suit and dress for all of the bridal or groom party).

So don’t worry about purchasing a permanent outfit, and just hire one! It might seem like a waste of money, but it will save you money on something you are less likely to wear more than once!

Spend more on the wedding band you intend to wear for the rest of your life. Find a beautiful ring to stand out and sparkle or a robust ring of strength forged to unify your love for each other.

Look for Deals From Charity Shops


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The best way to save money on anything is to buy something secondhand. So they say the moment you buy something at full price; it loses half its value almost instantly. Sure, that might just be cars they talk about, but it is true for most other things. The sentiment here is that buying something new is rarely worth it, especially if it is something like a dress or decorative mug.

If you can see the secondhand purchase is not physically broken, only slightly worn or not defunct, then buying it from a charity shop is like buying it new, except at a massive discount. So you can decorate your weddings with lots of things without breaking the bank.

There are some exceptions to this rule. You should always buy electronic stuff from the retailer or from somewhere which can guarantee the stock they sell has been refurbished and still functions. 

Another thing is wedding rings; you don’t want someone’s second-hand bands because they might have bad luck. What if their marriage only lasted six months? Your wedding doesn't need to be tarnished by such misfortune. If you are worried about getting pricey for rings, Thorum can help with that!

Choose A Stunning Ring on a Budget!

thorum rings

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Yes, we said just ten. But think of this as a secret bonus wedding hack for those who stayed through this list! We at Thorum are expert wedding ring makers, so we are highly qualified to help you find the perfect band on a budget!

We have published many guides on our blog to help you find the perfect wedding ring. As you can see in the image above, we have eight great rings priced under $200. Each has its quirks and can guarantee to last a lifetime.  

Final Remarks


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There we have it. Ten wedding hacks to help YOU have money! It is as simple as that, but if you are starved to save somewhere, you should check out our other guides on the subject: 

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