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10 tips to make an awesome bachelors party on a budget

Via: Wedding Forward

You are about to have a fantastic wedding, but you’re stumped with ideas for an excellent bachelor’s party with amazing friends in your life before the big day. You want it to be fun, but not cliche or something they forget the next day because you drank too much! 

Thorum is here to help change that and ensure you have some ideas to make the event not a fleeting moment in your life with ten tips. And it can call be done with a budget in mind!

Skip the Drink and Drugs


    You can have fun with a bit of alcohol in the system, but if you skip out on this or other drugs, you wouldn’t have a less fun time just because you all decide to go sober. You want a fun time, and as long as you are spending time with your friends, I doubt you will care if you drink fizzy all night. 

    Often drinking leads to fewer fun experiences if people overdo it, which can ruin the whole night for everyone if you are worried about someone hurting themselves or others. Best to skip them entirely and only allow ginger ale passed your doors.

    Skip on the Exotic Dancers or Strippers

      Via: Salon.com

      A staple of the bachelor party seems to be hired dancers, but why is that? It isn’t very classy and makes everyone looks desperate. Why not bring some class back to the rituals of man and don’t bother with strippers. You will save a lot of money, and you CAN have fun talking to each other, which is why you have gathered for this event, to begin with. Remember that.

      Go Somewhere Outside of the Ordinary

        Via: classicandsportscar.com

        Maybe you need to all get out of town, so why not go somewhere you wouldn’t dream of going on your own? Perhaps you all despise cars, but you have always been curious about what it is like to attend a racecar rally. Or maybe you want to race each other in fancy sports cars in a well-monitored environment. Classic cars would be even funner because when do you otherwise get the chance to drive a car made before 1970?

        Try something new and explore things you wouldn’t try ever! Hunting could be a way to find a new hobby, or you could take up a class on martial arts. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

        Try A New Experience

          Via: NPR

          It is time to try something new! Maybe you’ve never seen snow or the sea? It's time to get in that car, plane, or train… and go and find some new experiences! Take a moment to stand there with your mates and take in the scenery of this unique experience together. 

          Eat that snow… although avoid the yellow stuff… Go to a local mountain range that always has snow on its peaks. Maybe if trekking isn’t your thing, you can seek out a ski field to get a glimpse and feel the cold wetness of the strange white powder! 

          Throw yourself into the sea. It is the best way to meet him and then you can’t say otherwise that you have never seen or touched it. Go during the height of summer during the day for a lazy afternoon swim, or just as the sun sets on a secluded beachfront to skinnydip. Build sandcastles! See who can pile their sand the tallest. Have fun and laugh. 

          Do Something You love Together

            Via: nbcnews.com

            If you’re all gamers, play a game you all enjoy together! Whether that be on the TV, online, or with a ball on the court. 

            So you are a Dungeons and Dragons nerd? Then it is time to play a game for your party! Maybe you have a special one-shot you’ve wanted to try or try your skills as the Dungeon Master for the first time; either way, you’ll have a blast. 

            A collective of poets and writers? Have a reading group and read some of your latest work for an open forum of critique and enjoyment. 

            Talk, talk, talk!

              Via: GoThereFor.com

              I can’t stress enough how important it is that during this party you find the time just to chat. Hang out with your friends, play some video or board games and enjoy the single life while you can. But try not to see getting hitched as the death of your freedom because you can still have fun regardless of whether you are with someone or not.

              Your friends are just as important as your future partner and so be sure to take this time to catch up. Yarn about the things you all love, such as the thrilling results of the latest sport, or the game coming out soon you all can’t wait to play. Talk about your dreams and hopes that this marriage will bring you. Find out again why you find these people so special. Why you’re friends.


                Via: makeitgrateful.com

                You can save a lot of money by hosting a potluck. Have each of your friends bring over some nibbles of food. Savor some delectable delights over great conversations and company. Maybe fire up the BBQ and have some hot dogs with a leafy salad. At the event, you’ll be able to make your own!!


                  Via: KOA Camping Blog

                  Have you ever wanted to see the vast wonders of space? Escape the loud citylight of our local area and get out into the outback of nature. Perhaps join a local tour guide as they take you to a prime place to view the stars at night. The ocean is also a great place to see the breathless lights of the shining stars.

                  Road Trip

                    Via: Euronews

                    Take that long-awaited road trip somewhere crazy! For instance, if you live in the USA, you could head from one side of the coast to the other. Or if you don’t want to travel THAT far, then a tiki tour to the nearest town could be the best thing for your friendships! Find a new local marvel you never knew existed and perhaps take a day walk as part of the series of events.

                    Go Camping

                      Via: cntraveler.com

                      An often underrated activity with friends is, of course, camping. You can do a lot on this list by simply going outdoors for a night or weekend away, and often camping isn’t as expensive as other forms of fun. Stick to the basics, hire a tent, find a secluded place to pop your tent, bring some food (marshmallows are a must), and leave all forms of tech at home.

                      Final Remarks

                      Via: The Distilled Man

                      There you have it! Ten tips to make an excellent bachelor’s party on a budget. Some of this is a little out there as it encourages you to think of fun experiences, but you can find something to suit all types of people and times.

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