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10 Reasons You Should Invest in a good wedding ring


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A ring should be treated as an investment in your future, even if you have to spend a little in the short run; in the long run, a well-made ring that is perfect for you will last a lifetime. In addition, the cost you pay at first will save you money in the long term if you think about never having to buy replacements or rings that fall out of fashion. So today we will tell you ten reasons why you should invest in a good wedding ring!

Never Falls out of Fashion


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    The symbol of a ring is timeless even if styles fall in and out of fashion. However, some rings last the ages, so if you want a ring that will not only physically last a lifetime but will be timeless up until old age, you can consider picking a simple, sleek, traditional ring. 

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    From our Thorum collection, you could pick a traditional ring like The Redwood made of redwood and silver tungsten metal. It is sleek, modern, and will never go out of style. 


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    Will save money in the long run.


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      Most rings might seem like a massive upfront cost, but think that if you pay for quality once, you do not have to worry about paying for upkeep or a replacement ring down the road. It is a win-win as you won't have to pay again and save a lot of money. 

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      The Ring Will be Perfect


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        Choosing the perfect wedding rings is complicated, but we can help you by ensuring you select the perfect band every time and that it will make your wedding future together magical. If you buy what is cheapest without much thought, it will break or not suit your needs, and neither party will be thrilled. 

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        A Ring is the Ultimate Symbol of Commitment


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          Rings are the first step towards engagement and marriage with a new stage in your life as married people. But, before buying one, you need to consider who you’re purchasing it for. 

          Those who take these steps often invest money into picking the right ring but don’t think about the type of ring suited to the right person and are often left disappointed. This is because when you present someone with the perfect ring, they will see not just a beautiful band to compliment their outfit but a symbol of your commitment to your relationship. 

          Will not Cost in Repairs.


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            It is one thing for a ring to feel and look good, but you need to also think closely about the maker and seller of the ring. If you don't, you’ll find down the line that if you bought a band from a dodgy dealer, the ring would not last, and you may find you have been scammed. 

            Maybe the diamonds are fake? Perhaps the ring breaks after a few weeks? If you find either of these cases, you’ll fork out more money for a replacement or repair. So be sure to know what you buy before exchanging money.

            We recommend asking the vendor if they have a returns policy, exchange options, resizing or repair services, and warranty, and if they claim to have expensive gems to prove it with official documents.

            Waterproof, Scratch resistant, & Great for Everyday Wear.


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              A ‘good’ wedding ring will stand the test of time and not set you back his headaches, as we’ve already pointed out on this list. This can be seen in the care and love the maker has taken to ensure it is waterproof, is made of the best quality materials, is made as they claim, and will not easily break during regular wear. 

              Thorum rings are crafted from the best quality wood, metals, and other materials and have been strengthened and smoothed to ensure they are not only robust but uncomfortable to wear. We do this by insisting on the preference for comfort fitting versus standard ring fitting. Another is that we use resin to strengthen organic materials like wood and antler. 

              Rings That Stick to Reasonable Budgets


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                Sometimes it is just not plausible to spend thousands on a ring, and sometimes there is no need to because just because a ring is expensive doesn’t mean it is better than a cheaper ring. 

                We at Thorum understand that each customer is different. So we have a range of rings in different price ranges to ensure everyone can enjoy the quality and unique style of one of our classy wedding rings. Even if they are ‘cheap’, we would argue our love and attention to detail is just as important as one of our more expensive bands. 

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                A Ring that is Easy to Clean


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                  A good wedding ring should also be easy to clean! If a ring quickly collects muck but is made of material prone to cracking under slight pressure. An excellent modern wedding ring, regardless of its material, should be primed in such a way cleaning is a breeze, and it should be as simple as soaking in some water and brushing lightly with a cloth to bring it back its sheen.

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                  A Future Investment as a Family Heirloom or Art Piece


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                    We think a great reason you should invest in a good wedding ring is that when you pass, your ring could be kept as a family heirloom, so it should not only last but look great! Unfortunately, some ring styles fall out of fashion, but if you want to think about its future long after your time, opting for a classic ‘old-fashioned’ style is an option.

                    In addition to our lineage, you never know if the ring you buy one day will become a collectable artifact of a fabulous ring maker. So if you invest in handmade small businesses, you will often be rewarded in the long run with an unforeseen investment. 

                    A Ring That Looks Stunning 


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                      The best reason you should invest in a good wedding ring is that it will look much better than any cheap ring with zero love put into the final product. If you love something, it will extrapolate that emotion and seep it into the surrounding environment, and all that breath in its presence will feel its powers. A ring made with love and chosen by love is perhaps the best type of wedding band any couple could invest in and wear.

                      A ring looks good because it has been made from the highest quality materials, designed in such a way that it looks stunning and with love. Thorum prides itself on this stance regarding our products and customers and can guarantee a good wedding ring for all types of people each time. 

                      Final Remarks


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                      We hope these ten reasons help convince you why you should invest in a good wedding ring as you’ll save money in the long run and will avoid heartache if you choose quality over cheap. This lesson can be applied to all aspects of our lives, for if we prioritize what is good and full of love, we will avoid scams and the high cost of repairs. 

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