10 Perfect Gifts for Valentine's Day


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The day of love is not far away, so to give yourself plenty of time to get ready, we have ten perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day that we recommend. You don’t even have to rely on a special day to give a gift to the person you love, so you could give these gifts regardless of the season.

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Hoya Heart


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The Hoya Heart is a unique heart-shaped plant that looks adorable in a funky plant holder. You can get crystals are decorate their features to make your Hoya Heart unique to your partner. Even if neither of you are great plant-owners, this easy-to-care-for house plant takes all the hassle out of the worry, compared to more complicated plants.

Cheeses of the Word Box


Via: murrayscheese.com.

If your partner is a foodlover, then a cheeses of the world subscription box is a great way to take the hassle out of finding the most unique cheese. The box provides a range of dairy delights to explore the range of cheeses from around the world.  

A weighted Blanket


Via: Mighty Ape NZ.

A weighted blanket is a great gift for those that find themselves cold regardless of what they throw on their bed. Its great regardless of the season, and can even be used on its own as an amazing throw blanket on the couch. With so many benefits, this blanket will keep your bedding together and you warmly sandwiched in place, if your partner doesn’t have one they are sure to love it!

Modern Polaroid Camera

Via: Polaroid Go Instant Camera.

In the 1930s and 1940s, one of the most popular ways to take photos was with a Polaroid picture as it made taking photos cheaper, quicker and portable for the ordinary person. They continued to be popular cameras until the late 1990s with the rise of digital mediums. Then, overnight, Polaroid became obsolete as people opted for digital photos to record their memories.

However, in 2022, Polaroids returned as those who love artsy photos seek out grainy old pictures. There is a nostalgic simplicity to polaroid pictures, and with this rise in classic trends, you too might want to gift one of these to your partner.

Fluffy Slippers


Via: Etsy Australia.

You can never underestimate how great a gift of fluffy slippers can be for a partner. Sometimes the one thing that gives us the most comfort in the world is excellent longing clothes that help us rest our body after a busy day of working. Buying that one pair is also great, as some people love to feel they are options even if they intend to show no one except you their comfortable wear. 

Kombucha Brew Kit


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One of the healthiest drinks you can have is Kombucha, which rids your body of toxins, boosts your energy, and aids with indigestion. Even if these benefits don’t persuade you, these sweetened black teas taste great, with a range of flavours to choose from should be another considering factor. Regardless of the season and day, a cooling drink handcrafted from a gifted kit could be the best present you give them all year. 

A little Off Beat: Hunt a Killer Subscription Kit


Via: Amazon.com.

If your partner is a massive fan of true crime, horror, serial killers and other gory topics, then any of the Hunt a Killer box games could be a fantastic gift. This brand prides itself on an immersive murder mystery experience with an intense storyline and fun for individual or group play. It is a far cry from traditional board games, like throwing an escape room into your gaming room. You can play together or leave them to enjoy this unique experience of playing detective for an evening.

A Unique Ring made of Antler and Tungsten Carbide


Via: The Yee.

If you want to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, a unique wedding ring made of antler could be the perfect gift. The Yee by Thorum is just one of the many rings in their collection made from antler, taking advantage of the naturally rich grains and fusing it with robust metals of various colors and makes. Even if you don’t think these rings would suit, we have a vast collection on offer.

A Ring made of Meteorite and X-Rex Bone


Via: The Meteorsaur.

Did you know you could give your partner a ring made of t-rex bones and a meteorite? Thorum’s ring collection has a range of three rings that fit this bill. Above, we have grey The Meteorsaur or its lighter variant, The Comet. But if you want to add an extra band of elegance with a black ceramic base with gold trimming, The Jurassic is a step up from the previously mentioned. Anyone who loves dinosaurs and space will love these unique wedding bands.

A Cast Iron Enamel Dutch Oven 


Via: The Warehouse.

Homeowners need basic cooking utensils, and one of those necessities is the dutch oven. These are incredible tools for cooking meat, creating broth, reaching high temperatures, and being oven friendly! You can make the moistest chicken whilst being thoroughly cooked all the way through, making the whole cooking process so simple! You guarantee your partner a lifelong kitchen companion when you gift a dutch oven. 

Final Remarks: 10 Perfect Gifts for Valentine's Day


Via: Pixabay.

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day should never be an impossible challenge. Whatever you give your partner, bear it with some thought behind it; they will be happy with whatever you give them. Even if you just make them a cup of tea in bed and wake them up with a kiss, that could be the perfect gift enough to have a fantastic day. 

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