10 Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Your Wedding Cake


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Cakes are some of the essential elements of a traditional wedding, and so as a vital part of the special event, you need to be aware of common mistakes people make when choosing their wedding cake. Today we will list ten of these common mistakes, and from there, you’ll be well educated in not just what to do but also what not to do!

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You Don’t Pick a Simple Flavor


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    One of the most common mistakes people make when picking a wedding cake is the select too many cake flavors! They get all caught up in the excitement of picking their signature dessert that they say yes to every take taster they try, and then when it is all mixed, it just doesn’t go at all! 

    The opposite is true if you go for a single flavor that not many enjoy, such as something unconventional like a spicy sponge cake. It is best to stick with the basics like vanilla, chocolate, and berries, as these can be enjoyed by all (for the most part). 

    You Don’t Research the Best Cake Makers


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      If you don’t do thorough research on the maker who will bake, create and decorate your cake, you might be disappointed. Make sure you look at a company's reviews and research all the local options before you commit your energies and money to a cakemaker. If you do this, your cake will likely not end up a disaster, and you’ll have a sculptor that creates something beautiful and delicious! 

      You Don’t Stick to a Budget


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        One of the first things you should plan when thinking about your wedding cake is the budget. You don’t want to overspend and find yourself staring down a terrifying debt hole right before your big day! If you have the budget to go big, you can make it as grand and impressive as your heart desires, but if you want a tighter rein, going small and simple is the best way.

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        You Don’t Consider Wedding Theme


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          Unless you are having a bloody-themed wedding with death, true crime, a murder mystery game, and other dark undertones, you most likely should not have a cake like the one above. Some wedding guests might have a weaker stomach than others, so if they are not prepared for a grotesque cake like this in an otherwise traditionally white ceremony, then best ensure it sticks to the theme!

          One way to ensure your cake doesn’t lose itself is to add it to the brainstorming of wedding theme decorations. Talk with your make maker and see if they have any suggestions to create a delectable stunner to add to your theme and not subtract from it. 

          You Don’t Do Taste-testing


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            Similarly, to the point of a cake being too complex with flavors, the best way to choose the right cake for you is to attend a cake taste tester! You might think combining would be brilliant, but you often find that intense flavors don’t mix when strung together, so knowing what works firsthand helps a tonne. For example, vanilla often goes well with most, if not all, more pungent flavors. 

            You Buy a Wedding Cake Because it is Expected, Even if You Don’t Like Cake.


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              I do like cake… sometimes, but if I were to get married, I would opt for something less traditional. The thing here is that not everyone loves cakes, and that is fine. However, we can get around this problem for a wedding cake by coming up with other types of desserts that can still satisfy a large audience whilst also looking fantastic.

              You could opt for more petite desserts like crumbles held in small jars and stacked in a holder to look like a more prominent display piece. Adding to this, you could have a range of flavors to satisfy those that don’t like apple or berry. If you prefer savory to sweet, then a range of small meat or veggie pies could also be another option.

              Making a Cake Design too Ambitious 


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                You’ve likely seen many viral videos of wedding day disasters, often involving over-ambitious cake designs that lead to disaster when cut or touched. This can come down to poor design choices in the frame, make, height, or tiers of each cake. Whatever the reason, we suggest not getting too over the top in your design, even if you want it to be the tallest figure in the room.  Remember that you still have to eat the cake and don’t want your wedding dress or suit to become covered in cake debris!

                You Forget About Taste in the Cake Decoration


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                  Perhaps the number one reason I dislike cake is often there is too much thick, bland fondant! The white case protecting the cake's body might aid in its design and appearance, but often it adds no flavor and just adds to the waste of cake consumption. So ensure the cakemaker uses fondant that tastes good and isn’t thick. However, if that isn’t an option, discussing tasty alternatives is a great way to make your cake taste great. 

                  All cake decorations should be edible, even if the little dress is just sheets of sugar and coloring. So often, I’ve seen children grab at a cake ornament, only to be disappointed by the fact it was made of ceramic and so is thrown into the rubbish. So why not make it all edible so that you minimize garbage and make a little kid happy?

                  Not Having Enough for Everyone


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                    You’ll need enough cake for everyone at your wedding, so if you have a more extensive list, the cake will need to be more significant to accommodate this. On the other hand, if you want to stick with a small cake, you could’ve miniature cupcakes of the same make with smaller designs so that everyone can taste the special dessert. 

                    Disaster at a wedding: Forgetting a Knife and Other Cake Event Fails


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                      There is soo many ‘on the day’ mistakes people make as a result of choosing a wedding cake.  

                      • Forgetting the Knife

                      Many express their frustration of forgetting to bring a sharp or large enough knife to the wedding, so they have to opt for unconventional ways of cutting the dessert. It's certainly a moment of embarrassment for the bride and groom as they have to ask the caterer to borrow a knife awkwardly, or one of the guests must rush out in their beautiful clothing to fetch one. 

                      • Leaving it out in the sun, so it melts.

                      The worst thing you can do during a hot summer day wedding leaves the cake out in the sun! Even if it's just left on display for several hours, it can ruin the decoration and attract flies, so the best way is to keep it in a cool fridge or room away from these destructive forces. 

                      • Not Displaying the Cake

                      It is one thing to leave it out for too long, but if the cake is a signature decoration at your wedding, you’ll need to find a Goldilocks Zone for when you decide to bring it out to display it for guests.  If you forget to show it, all that time into planning will be wasted as everyone will only see if for a second before they eat it all up!

                      Final Remarks: 10 Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Your Wedding Cake


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                      Picking your wedding cake is a breeze when you keep these handy tips in mind to avoid making the same mistakes many couples make when they decide on their cake. Cakes and getting married should be fun without worrying about what could go wrong, but if you’re aware, you’ll be unlikely to make the same mistakes. So good luck in your quest

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