10 awesome wedding pics you need to have on your wedding day

Wedding shots are such an important part of your wedding. That's the reason we decide to gather the 10 most important and awesome wedding pictures you need to take on that big day!

Ok, you might be wondering, do I really need a wedding planning checklist? And the answer is YES! 

You might be caught with a lot of things that may come up when you’re planning your wedding, and having a checklist of the photoshoot may help you to simplify things. 

Also, this can help so you don’t have to worry about thinking “I wish I had a picture like this”, “how could I forget to take a picture like that?”. So you better be prepared. This is part on cool tips on how to plan a wedding step-by-step.

We have gathered 10 awesome wedding photography tips you must have on your big day. 

  1. Family and wedding pictures
  2. Bride preparing for the wedding photoshoot
  3. Groom getting ready photoshoot
  4. Groom waiting at the altar 
  5. Ceremony Pictures
  6. The Just Married shoot 
  7. Bride and Bridesmaids
  8. Groom and groomsmen
  9. Reception entrance couple shoot
  10. Guests and couples enjoying the party 

Family and wedding pictures

Definitely, this needs to be on your wedding photoshoot checklist. Some pictures with your closest friends and family members are a must to remember. These are unique wedding photos.

There are many ways you can do this type of photoshoot in a creative way, below are some ideas you can use for your family photoshoot.

  • The couple with their respective parents
  • Couple with siblings and close family members
  • Photo with all family members
  • Couple with all parents
  • Couple hugging or kissing their parents
  • Photo of the groom kissing/hugging his mother/father
  • Photo of the bride kissing his father/mother
Parents enjoy their daughter wedding ceremoney

Via: Jannah Alexander Photography

Bride preparing for the wedding photoshoot

One moment you would like to keep not only in your memory is all the bride preparation. This is a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Includes the make-up session, dress, bridesmaids, etc. So below we’re sharing some awesome ideas you don’t want to miss!

  • Makeup session with the bride and bridesmaids: Make sure to have photos including only the bride.
  • Photo with your mother, helping you put on your wedding dress
  • Photo of the dress hanging on the wardrobe or maybe on a chair
  • Celebrating with the bridesmaids before going to the altar with a champagne shot
  • Bride putting on his jewelry 
  • A close up of the bridal shoes and maybe jewelry
  • A good close up of the brides' makeup and hair
Girl in white dress

Via: Modern Wedding

Groom getting ready

Same as the bride preparation, you may want to have this photoshoot of the groom getting ready for the big day!

It’s important to capture the pre-ceremony excitement of the groom (grooms) this will remain forever.

Here are some ideas might like you

  • Groom spending some time alone 
  • Getting dressed, putting on his coat
  • Photo of the men's engagement ring 
  • Close up of the outfit with ring and shoes 
  • Groom with best man hugging
  • Cheers with his best pals 
  • Close up of the groom outfit details 
Boy ready for wedding ceremoney

Via: Jessie Schultz | Photographer

Groom waiting at the altar

This is definitely a picture you may want to have on your checklist. The groom's first impression after he sees his partner walking down the aisle. Nothing more real and memorable.

Ceremoney Pic

Ceremony Pictures

Ask your photographer to take pictures of the ceremony, even before it begins so you can appreciate the whole decoration of the place. This is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Here are some ideas you can ask your photographer to do.

  • First kiss photo after being declared as a married couple
  • Exchanging rings photoshoot 
  • Parents and family listening to the ceremony
  • Signing the register photoshoot
  • Aerial shot of the place the ceremony is taking place
  • Preparing to enter the ceremony
  • Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
  • Guest reactions to the vows
  • The vows reaction
  • The “Just Married” Shot
Wedding Ceremoney

Via: @madelinebarrphoto

The “Just Married” Photoshoot

You finally got married! and you definitely would like to keep this moment forever, one of the best moments of all day.

Let’s celebrate this with some awesome wedding pics.

  • Walking out the aisle as a married couple shot
  • Guests throwing rice or confetti to the newlyweds
  • Guests celebrating, hugging the newlywed's picture
  • Greeting guests outside the venue
  • Couple in the back seat of wedding car
Wedding Ceremoney

Via: Danica Grace

Bride with Bridesmaids Shot

Getting married might be one of the most important and treasured moments of your life, so you would like to make sure to include your loved ones and best friend in your photoshoot. The bridesmaid photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to cherish those moments and friendships.

Here are some awesome ideas you can try with your besties

  • Bridesmaids with a smoke bomb celebrating the bride
  • All bridesmaids smile and celebrate with a glass of champagne with the bride
  • You can use props like cool sunglasses
  • Bride and bridesmaids in a single 
  • Caring the bride and celebrating
  • A multiple hug picture with your bridesmaids
Ladies on wedding ceremoney

Via: Alyssa Trower

Groom and groomsmen

Same with the bride, you definitely need to take a couple of pictures with your groomsmen, below are some cool ideas you can consider.

  • Photo of groom and groomsmen with a cool shirt below the suit, you can make it look like a superman style
  • Celebrating with the groom, maybe with a beer, champagne, it’s up to you
  • Caring for the groom and celebrating, make sure everyone’s happy and excited
  • Detail of the outfit picture for groom and groomsmen
  • You can be funny and take a picture showing your ring to your groomsmen and they are way too excited so that it looks funny. Make sure they make funny faces.
Boys on wedding ceremoney

Via: theindigobride.com

Reception entrance couple shoot

This may include as well general reception pictures, ask your photographer to focus on the decoration, the reception in general, the wedding cake, newlyweds with their respective friends on the main table or a selected spot, as well with all the family, with special family members.

And make sure to get the most of that moment when you and your couple are entering the reception. A great idea is to ask all your guests to turn on a flare. This can give a special touch to your reception shots.

Beautiful wedding ceremoney

Wedding ceremoney occassion

Via: A&A Botanics

Guests and couples enjoying the party 

And now, the moment we all have been waiting for…The Party!!

As a last tip to create your perfect photoshoot, wedding party photos are a must. Ask your photographer to take pictures of all your friends and family having FUN!

This would give a casual touch to your wedding pics, real expressions, faces, genuine people having fun, celebrating with the newlyweds. Make sure to capture all that moments. 

Kiss on wedding ceremoney

Via: strictlyweddings.com

So, now you’re ready to have the most amazing and awesome day of your life. Don’t forget to have fun and be genuine. 

Also, don’t forget to get your best photographer onboard, do your own research, look at several portfolios before you make a decision. Make sure your photographer works in a way you adore.

Have fun and congratulations!

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